Bill runs the show. He is a great coach. No one argues that.  He can keep doing the stuff he's been doing:
Believing all he needs to do is plug in a few mid-level players into his system
and win another championship. Allow top flight players like WR Deon Branch and (shut down corner) Assante Samuel to leave while other teams like the Steelers and Colts lock up their marque players. Begs the question, just how valuable is a shut down corner? I guess when you go two seasons without one you find out just how tough it is to be competitive with the better teams. Just how valuable is a WR that has great chemistry with your hall of fame QB? I think we saw how things go when you don't have enough quality WRs (this is the second time Brady has had to make due without a seasoned quality third WR). We're now at a point where we don't have the horses to compete. The coaching staff has been raided by other teams. The front office has lost a lot of talented people. Bottom line, Brady and Belichick can't do it alone.

Or Bill can choose to restock the shelves and assemble a quality coaching staff to assist him. It's an uncapped year! He can resign Wilfork, Mankins, Gostowski. Bring back Kevin Faulk for another year. Go out and sign Julius Peppers? He can bring in better coaches. Get back to what won him championships, a power running game and a dominate defense.

Interesting question: Will Brady want to go thru another year or two like this one? He looked very unhappy, almost defeated after the game. You can bet he will have some choose words to say behind closed doors with Bill and Bob.

It will certainly be interesting to watch Bill and Bob Kraft this offseason!