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whatevs...see you in week 13

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    Re: whatevs...see you in week 13

    To all those paranoid Jets fans( "the Patriots traded Randy Moss to the Vikings so he could face the Jets") I remind you that the Patriots are playing without 5 starters right now (Mankins , Warren , Faulk , Kaczur and Bodden) and we are right behind you at 3-1 while remaking the team on the fly! Be very afraid Jets fans , here come the Patriots!
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    Re: whatevs...see you in week 13

    In Response to whatevs...see you in week 13:
    edited for the haters. I still think that we have yet to play our best football of the season but we are a team on the upswing.  Revis isnt right yet and we still have to get the chemistry right with our offense in the red zone.  Maybe the weather had something to do with it(I know it did on that drive right before the end of the half).  You have to score 7 when you get down there and I am hopefull that we learned a valuable lesson with that last night.   Farve almost made us pay for settling for field goals.  I really wish we would have stuck to pounding the football late in the game.  It looked like we had thier big DL gassed(cept for that crazy white dood). You should understand that we blitz early in games and try to hit the QB.  Later in games we show more blitzes than we actually run(most of the time, Rex still likes to send the house as well).  Anyway, thanks for not being total homers and gratz on picking up whatshisname from Seattle.  Good luck on halloween, I think you will need it because Moss is going to bring it.
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    With either booboo arm old man or Tavaras Jackson throwing it to him?

    I was watching the game vs the Jests and Moss wasn't trying if he wasn't in the play.....he would run up to the CB, they would tangle arms....then Moss would stop....
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    Re: whatevs...see you in week 13

    so what is your prediction when you play moss on 10/31?  then again, maybe you should concentrate on mason, bouldin and whosyourmama...either way, I dont think it will be pretty.