You know, I've read through a bunch of posts, and so far LeonJet has made the most sense.  There are so many cowards on here ready to turn their back on the Pats the second things get tough.  I mean, "when did it start?"  Right.  It's all because of Romeo and Assante.  By the way, who is Romeo coaching for this year?  Surprised you didn't bring Charlie Weis into the discussion.
Brady is a prima donna?   Yeah, except that he just took a POUNDING and still took the game to the wire before losing in New York for the first time ever.  What have you tubs of lard done today?

I listened to you meatballs whine all off-season about Brady and pining for  Matt Cassel--refresh me, how has his career been so far?  Never mind the three super bowls he has given Boston, you bunch of crumbs seem to have had enough of him becuase he likes nice clothes.  You fruits deserve the Atlanta Falcons.  Go hang out on the Indy sites, Trolls!