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Whats wrong with tis draft strategy?

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    Whats wrong with tis draft strategy?

    given the recent brady contract restructuring and personnel moves, I think the Pats are positioning themselves to win the SB over the next 2-3 years while brady is still elite. So, I do not think the Pats will trade their first or second round picks this year to position for the future. Its win now. Pick 27: Kontz - Center. The highest priority to protect Brady so he can do his magic. Draft the best center and a very big boy who can step into starting roll on the first day. This allows us to move Connley to play OLG until Mankins fully heals or even OLT to back up Solder if neccessary. I'm assuming Brockers and Cox are gone at this point, b/c I ould not pass either up and I may have to hope I can pick Kontz up at 31 or slide to Jones, the #2 rated center, with our 4th pick. Pick 31: Reyes - DE34/DT43 - 6'4" 300lbs. Quick versitle. I am assuming that Mercilus and Hightower are gone, otherwise Its a tough call. If Reyes is gone then I pick Crick. Pick 48: Branch - OLB/DE - if he's gone then McClellin or Irvin Pick 63: Da Tamu - DT. A beast that would secure the D line. I don't believe we need to draft any WR with Lloyd and stallwoth FA additions. I think its too risky to draft CBs, RBs or S (from past years experience) - but I do look at trades or addl signings bolster the roster a bit more here with proven talent. And trading up for a change with our 3 round+ picks for an OT and OLB for insurance.
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    Re: Whats wrong with tis draft strategy?

    One thing about the Konz idea..Apparently, they REALLY like Nick McDonald. He's big and they feel they got lucky being able to sign him, and obviously he started and the offense didn't miss a beat with him in there.

    I believe it was Bedard who relayed that info about them liking McDonald. I think it was in a column about how he grew up an orphan or something. They like his make up and upside.  And Scarnecchia was raving about Connolly in the postseason as well.

    That said, I do thik they should hit the G/C idea, but just later.

    I am liking LB/DE Courtney Upshaw, CB/SAlonzo Dennard (NEB) and WR Sanu in Round 2. 

    I am pretty much sold on based on seeing them play, fit here and needs.  They need youth and impact in these spots for development. Throw in WR Joe Adams in Round 3 (if he's there) as a Welker clone, and Sanu can learn from Branch and Lloyd, etc.  They need to find guys who can be developed and help out in 2012.

    I would go G/C and Tackle after that. But I would not be shocked if BB goes DT instead of DE/OLB at 27.