Where does this SEA defense rank in history?

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    Where does this SEA defense rank in history?

    Last 5 years? 15? etc?

    Last 15 years, 2000 Ravens, 2002 Bucanners and 2006 Ravens come to mind.

    I don't think you can measure the defenses simply by metrics anymore since the rules are way more geared towards offenses now.

    However, I can say this is one of the best secondaries I've seen. They lost arguably their second best cb and still dominated.

    TBH, kind of glad the Patriots didn't play them in the Super Bowl...Things would have been way worse. When SEA plays at that level, I think having a mobile QB is the only way to compete...With the coverage they have, you need to buy some time with the feet.

    Did not get a chance to watch any of the ARZ-SEA tape, but they must have had an off game. No way a Carson Palmer led offense could beat SEA's D on their A game.

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