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Where is the defensive mad genius??

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    Where is the defensive mad genius??

    I don't think anyone is overreacting when they say that the Patriots have turned a blind eye to glaring holes and problems that have been there prior to 2007. Even in that great year the defense and secondary were still an issue..especially the secondary. They just scored so many points that it masked the underlying issues. What irks me is the organizations' stubborness or maybe you can call it arrogance to think that you can get rid of certain players..such as Samuel, and fill the holes with lower level or aging talent.
    Nobody fears this defense..and they haven't for a number of years. It has consistently given up huge chunks of yardage in critical 3rd down situations as well as folded under pressure when the game has been on the line.
    Bottom line is they don't have the horses, won't pay top dollar for thoroughbreds and bring in old mules that should be sent out to pasture. When do they pick up the phone and call Seau!??
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    Re: Where is the defensive mad genius??

    I think the Patriots regret letting Samuel go. That's exactly why they have drafted three CBs within the first three rounds in the last two drafts. Also, they signed Leigh Bodden and Shawn Springs. I think they are certainly trying to make up for it. Players need time to progress. Remember, Samuel wasn't a first round pick. If I remember correctly he was a third or fourth. That Wilhite guy is looking pretty good, and that Darius Butler has a lot of potential.

    They have drafted OLBs, but they have been hurt in McKenzie and Crable. They have realized that their defense is the weakness, and therefore have drafted almost nothing but defensive players. They don't see value at certain points, so they trade their draft picks for the years to come where there might be more value at that point in the draft.

    It takes time to progress. Every pick isn't going to be a Jerod Mayo.

    They signed guys to help their pass rush too, and have a first round pick and three seconds in the coming draft, and two first rounders in the year after that. I think they are doing a top notch job. Remember, it takes time.
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    Re: Where is the defensive mad genius??

    smorgan86, I thinking the same thing. I just a few years back the Pats defense confused and frustrated Peyton Manning into throwing interceptions and incompletions. Last Sunday Sanchez looked pretty good in only his second nfl start.

    Where was Burgess? I did see TBC get to the QB once, why not more?
    Is there to much thinking/scheming and not enough just playing the game? I'm not BB and never would claim to be but sometimes he puts to much scheme in the game plan. The two gap scheme slows a player who has little experience in it (Guyton)

    What this defense needs is for someone to flatten somebody with big hit like Brian Cox did in 2001. 

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