Where were S.Moore and Ras I Dowling?

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    Re: Where were S.Moore and Ras I Dowling?

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    I mean to me, these guys are better at making plays on the ball then # 32 and #24. Arrington is a good zone CB and also ok when playing when the slot but I have said for a while now, # 24 is still suspect one on one down the sideline where he is routinley beat and same for # 32. The bad thing  is Flacco had all day to throw cuz we NEVER blitzed because we were in cover 2.


    HOw do you get beat all day over the top in cover 2!?!?! I mean if you cant be there to help the CBs, you might as well blitz. What a horrible situation in the secondary. CHung was lackluster and besides the INT, I didnt even see where Gregory was most the time. Chung arrived late on P/I call on McCOurty.  I thought Moore played well last week and atleast Ras I was speed n size to run downfield with WR's....


    I just dont get it. 3 weeks of Games and 3 different lineups in the Secondary. First they started Ras with McCourty, then Moore and then Arrington  on sunday.


    They better get it right and figure it out. I mean our front 7 is improved but they still give Qbs too much time unless we are blitzing. The CB's need to learn to reroute quicker(before 5 yards) 2 holding call were actually illegal contact but who cares right? Devin cant play press! Lets just get that out there. So either zone up or send the house so atleast the ball gets out quick. If you blitz and force a quik throw atleast it isnt going downfield for a 50 yard P/I. B.B. needs to get behind the wheel and tell Patricia to sit down. He calls games to scary. Need to apply pressure. Its pathetic how we sit back in cover 2 all day and ask out front four with only one pass rusher to get to the qb while our CBs are not even getting safety help!  Yeeeeesh!!!!


    The NFL needs to get it together fast too with these B. S. refs!  You cant cost teams games like that....smdh!

    have you read my threads. we're on the same page

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    Re: Where were S.Moore and Ras I Dowling?

    Last year we rushed 3 and got no pressure; this year it's 4 and still no pressure. We have the worst cornerbacks in the league so we play cover 2 and still can't stop the deep ball. Seems like we need new personnel or a new defensive coordinator & scheme.

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