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wheres the plan?

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    Re: wheres the plan?

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    are you kidding me.  the patriots have a plan, they just decided not to share it with the fans.  my god people get a grip.  One high priced free agent isn't gonig to fix this team.  I hope fans of other teams don't see this message board.  its a joke and all you crybaby fans are a disgrace.  were the patriots not the redskins or lions.  I will take BB and kraft anyday of the week period.  2001 was a cap cutting season and we won the superbowl.  its one day into free agency, relax.  by the way leigh bodden and banta cain worked out well last year, how did are big free agent splurge A.D work out?  you need depth for injuries that's why certain teams fall apart and others just keep going.  with that said I have no problem with the pats using some draft picks on younger aged restricted free agents.  Now let me have it, you frustrated spoiled brat fans.
    Posted by hagen910

    Hello, I'm Cuban Pete and I approve this message.
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    Re: wheres the plan?

    In Response to Re: wheres the plan?: How is that Kool Aid???? Must be spiked, also... Let's get the Maualuga stuff straight: Genius BB traded down three slots with the Ravens for an extra #6 pick, so he could get a long snapper. Baltimore takes Oher, who was supposed to go no later than 11 to Buffalo, and who we could have used to lock up LT for 12 years. Then brilliant BB trades down AGAIN with Green Bay. At this point, GB attacks ANOTHER need position of ours with a first year Pro Bowler: Matthews. With their pick in round 2, we get Bust Brace. But don't worry...we get a late Round 2 from GB this year in that brilliant manuever. So we pass on two long term Pro Bowlers for Brace and a long snapper. Great. Now, what was this about Malu-whatever his name is?

    In Response to Re: wheres the plan? : I'm happy you brought this up.  There's a bit of a misnomer about the salary structure the Pats have.  With injuries being part of the game they want a bench.  If all the money is spent on starters and a starter goes out what do you replace him with?  Right now the Pats can plug in a pretty able guy.  Other teams can't say that.  A lot of teams can't say that.  The Peppers signing was ridiculous.  The signing was very quick so that means nobody else out there was offering him that kind of money either.  Chicago stood alone on this one. Maualuga is a favorite on this board.  He dropped like a rock and we passed on him three times!  The tell tale sign for me is when Detriot passed on him.  A team that really could have used a player like the hyped up Maualuga.  If Cincinnati hadn't of drafted him he would have dropped further.  Boldin is going after #1 WR money.  We have Moss.  It doesn't make sense to pay a guy #1 money when he's going to be the #3 WR.  Hopefully, Reed signs and that will be that on WRs.  Signing Reed to me makes a lot of sense.
    Posted by garytx

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    Re: wheres the plan?

    In Response to Re: wheres the plan?: Things may be "okay", but this is NOT a Super Bowl contender in its current state.
    hey, im with you.  every year at this time, people freak.  yes, we didn't win the superbowl 6 times last decade.  LOOK at all the teams who won LESS than we did.  All their moves, etc, and we ended up still doing better.  We have maintained success.  that is difficult to do.  Last year did stink, yes... and the talent level dropped FOR SURE.  If you recall, going into last year, we had MAJOR personnel drops and a few guys who flat didn't work out.  It happens, im not panicing, as long as we solidify what we have and add to it.  We for sure need receivers.  And Dbacks.  I hate running back by committee.  But as a whole, things seem ok to me.
    Posted by Davedsone

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    Re: wheres the plan?

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       yes we are rebuilding and its incredible how well we have done during this transitional period.  Posted by hagen910

    Transitioning to what? 

    People keep saying "how well we are doing in transition"  - and this is the sort of "repeat what you heard on a sports talk show" analysis that says nothing.

    Transitioning to what?