Which player impressed you most.

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    Re: Which player impressed you most.

    The players that impressed me the most:

    Edelman has improved immensely..

    Pat Chung..what a difference one year makes..he is a hard hitter

    Brandon Spikes..simply a beast..nose for the ball..nice coverage in the flat against Shockey

    Gerrard Warren..the guy can still move around

    McCourty on the those kick returns..he as got some good speed..

    Law Firm..he should be the starter at tailback..sorry Laurence you had your chance you need to earn it back
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    Re: Which player impressed you most.

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    I went last night and I was impressed all over the place. The starting offense had a lot of success moving the ball. They looked balanced and already in regular season form. Give credit to the play calling for that. Ben Jarvis looked hungry, Maroney actually punched it in a couple times, Moss found ways to get open and Edelman is just sick. Having him and WW running around the slot just isn't fair. Tate is super fast and looked great. Hernandez looked good in the second half, great hands and good speed. Crumpler blows people off the line and should really help contain the corner for runs outside. The D was far more impressive then I thought they'd be. They got good pressure and the Saints receivers had someone on them all night. I haven't seen the numbers but it looked like they held Bush down pretty good. The Saints had the one drive with the starting O where Shockley got it a couple times where our D was outplayed but that is the SB champs right? With that said they had to keep the drive alive with going for it on 4th down which may not happen during the regular season. ST needs work, somebody almost had'em on that run back. I don't know who but he put an arm hit on him and we all know how that works and then he was off to the races. If he stays fundamental he takes him down on that play. Ghost looked great as usual and I think I only got to see one punt and it looked Ok. All in all I'm beyond happy. This offense is capable of putting up serious numbers this year. If the play calling is good and BB rotates people in and out I don't see how to stop them.  If you have Moss and Tate wide, Edelman and WW in the slot, Crumpler and Hernandez switching out at TE and a constant rotation of great experienced backs coming in and out to keep them fresh it's crazy to think about what could happen. Then you have Gronk, Holt and Faulk to mix in. One last thing on D I saw were guys high fiving and getting each other pumped all over the place. #rd down stops had guys coming off the bench to give congrats. This is a young D and if they can gel together (like we all know BB knows how to do this) they could get their own identity and I think that's what they're looking for. I can't wait for the regular season, this is going to be a lot of fun this year.
    Posted by Sam-Adams

    If I remember correctly I believe it was Darnell Jenkins.
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    Re: Which player impressed you most.

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    I heard that Butler "stinks" the O Line is "thin" at interior Guard and since Maroney didn't start and McKenzie didn't start, they will be cut. lol
    Posted by russgriswold

    Cunningham is a bust, trade Maroney,Fred Taylor and Sammy Morris for a 7th rd draft pick because BJGE is obviously the next Curtis Martin, Cut Mckenzie, ship out Butler because he is the worst cb in football and while were at it this Welker guy can't even get on the field trade him because Julian Edelman is better then Welker ever has been.  Oh also Murrel is the new Willie Mcginest lock him up to a 17 year deal NOW!

    Sound about right?
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    Re: Which player impressed you most.

    On offense,

    Individual players had their moments.  I believe the offensive scheme was more relevent.   It appears that the Patriots are open to a punishing ground attack.  That has been lacking since the Dillon departure.  We could see a better balance in play calling.  Edleman looks like the Real deal.   With Both him and Welker on the field as the sametime, The Patriots can go back to the passing attack that won Superbowls - Brady throwing laser precision slants and outs in the 12 - 15 yard range and the receiver tacking on YAC.   Quicker, Rhythmic passing will help stave off the punishment on Tom.  Hey,  we have 3 Superbowl victories with unheralded Receivers.  For all their recptions & TDs Moss & Welker and attempts to copy that team from the Midwest with #18 at the helm - 0 Lombardi Trophies.

    It looks good on Madden games, but time to return to Patriot football and parties in early February.
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    Re: Which player impressed you most.

    Edelman was All Pro last night.  He played at a different level then everyone else on the field.  Dude has the potential of being special.
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    Re: Which player impressed you most.

    Thanks LOW-FB-IQ, he almost had em and I think everybody in the area thought he would so they started shutting down and then when he broke it he was gone.

    I really have to agree with Tcal2, Edelman was by far the brightest start last night.
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    Re: Which player impressed you most.

    Mayo was everywhere
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    Re: Which player impressed you most.

    Got to love that sergio brown hit. Hoyer looks ready to start, which is just where he needs to be. Spikes had some good hits and both Maroney and Connolly played well. Edelman is a star in the making.