Which team should the pats fear the most?

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    Re: Which team should the pats fear the most?

    Man, there are so many teams that could take it all this year.  It's going to be a crazy January!
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    Re: Which team should the pats fear the most?

    Health #1  fear

     If were playing our 3's at spots like last nite it'll be tough sledding.

    After the jints meltdown. Is there any question why TB & BB don't take their foot off the opponents throat when ahead by a few scores now. 

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    Re: Which team should the pats fear the most?

    People who are saying that there is no team the pats cant beat are correct, but to think no team can beat the pats is just stupid.

    An elite passer and/or an elite pass rush can beat the pats

    Ravens: They can get the pass rush on the pats and force brady to make turnovers...however, i dont consider flacco as an elite passer.  Yes, hes had some game winning drives, but I dont think he can play a full 60 minutes at an elite level yet.

    Colts: Peyton Manning can shred the D while freeney and mathis can rush the pats...however, the rest of their defense can easily be exposed by the pats.  Collie's injury will also really hurt this team.

    Steelers: Big Ben is a good QB, but i dont believe hes an elite passer...if he has an opportunity to win it in the 4th, ill be scared...other than that im not afraid of him.  Brady has a history of shredding thie D, but im sure they'll come up with different schemes the second time around... I think they'll be more challenging the second time around.....unless polamalu is out, then theyre doomed

    Saints: Brees can for sure shred the defense...but hes thrown at least 1 pick the last 9 games....against the pats, that could be costly. theyre defense has not been able to slow the good offensive teams. this game comes down to brees vs brady...ill take brady this yr

    Giants: If their pass rush is clicking...this team can get a great pass rush with rushing just  4 guys...this will pose huge problems for the patriots.  The rest of the defense is mediocre though.  They have a solid that can pass and run the ball....but they commit way too many turnovers. if the pass rush is slowed, i think this can be an easy win.

    Eagles: Mike Vick and Desean Jackson....theyre defense has allowed more points than ours...but theyre two of the most explosive players in the league...I dont know how to stop them without a pass rush. This hinges on BB's game planning.

    Falcons: I havent watched enough of them, to get a sense.  Any body care to enlighten me?

    Chargers: I think this team is the biggest threat.  Rivers can lighten up any defense...and with VJax back, theyre that much more dangerous.  The defense is pretty good and has historically given brady trouble (3 ints in each of the two playoff games).  The thing that kills this team are the mental mistakes.  Every year they seem to implode somehow...

    If i didnt include a team, it's cause i dont think they could beat us in a playoff game (JETS)...but what i think doesnt really matter. 

    all we can hope for is that the pats play their best in january...and hopefully february