Who are the Top Ten WR's of all time?

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    Re: Who are the Top Ten WR's of all time?

    I can't believe nobody mentioned Andre Reed or Andre Risen. They should get at least hon.mention. Forgot about them.
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    Re: Who are the Top Ten WR's of all time?

    Reed absolutely deserves mention and was very close to being on my list , but i could same the same about Monk and countless others. Anytime you have a cut off , top 10/20 etc. theres always going to be 5-10 guys that could make the last 3-4 spots. Plus lets not get this twisted , its our opinion , thats what makes it fun. And another reason why i would disagree with Rice as the "absolute" choice for this list/debate , w/e you want to call it. I was fortunate enough to see both play in their prime and nobody can say Irvin wasnt as clutch as Rice. In fact one could argue that Dallas' passing game set up its running game. Both played on all-star teams throughout their careers. One reason why its hard for me to just give Rice the title. And if Irvin was healthy enough to stretch his career out to the point where it was a joke im sure he would have some crazy numbers as well. How would those numbers look if he didnt play with Joe Cool , Steve Young and Gannon. Could you imagine if Rice had played with an unretired Cunningham , Culpepper , Brad Johnson , Gus Frerotte , Matt Cassel. Those 49er teams were stacked with talent on O and D. If you have him atop of your list he belongs there no doubt. Please thats not what im saying at all. For example calling him , Jordan ... not smart. The 49ers had 10 times more talent and their leader wasnt Jerry Rice. There leader's were  Montana , Young etc. Theres absolutely no doubt who the man was in Chicago , none at all.

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    Re: Who are the Top Ten WR's of all time?

    Some other notables-Charlie Joiner, John Jefferson, Drew Pearson, Lynn Swan, Mark Clayton, Mark Duper, Marvin Harrison, Rod Smith??

    Nobody touches Rice
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    Re: Who are the Top Ten WR's of all time?

    In Response to Re: Who are the Top Ten WR's of all time?:
    Dallas's passing game set up that behemoth O Line and some guy named Emmitt Smith running behind it? How on earth can you say that? Dallas had the classic oversized O Line, the slow footed drop back passer and the large pass catching TE. Disagree on that.  SF 49ers were the West Coast/pass first offense, not Dallas. In fact, prior to 2006 and McDaniels's spread hybrid West Coast thing here, NE's Weis offense was closer to the Turner/Zampese run first Dallas offense. I would go the other way and say Irvin was lucky to be on that team/slightly overrated in the discussion of all time greats.  Even Alvin Harper looked All World playing in that legendary offense under Zampese/Norv Turner. And we know Alvin Harper wasn't All World. Zampese used that run first thing with the Rams and Jim Everett prior to that.  Same idea he brought to Dallas when Turner left.  Finally, disagree completely on Jerry Rice. The guy was the best route runner ever, had incredible hands, speed, made huge plays, and completely transformed the 49ers offense giving them a dimension they never had. SF went from really good to GREAT in the more difficult conference. Without Rice, they don't win SB 23. It doesn't matter who the main leader is. Of course it's the QB.  Comparing a starting unit of 5 to that of 11 offensive players in the NFL doesn't jive either. You need 3 All Stars to base your team in the NBA.  You need 11 to play as one on offense and defense in the NFL. Rice was a fine leader.  We aren't talking leaders. We are talking the best at the position. Further to your point, Steve Young benefitted from the Walsh system where he he hadn't in the USFL or TB, and Rice made Steve Young better than he probably was.
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    Seriously what are you even talking about here? All i said is that one could argue Dallas' passing game set up the running game? Thats really not that far of a stretch if you actually watched them during the 90's. You talk about Irvin being lucky , Smith might be the luckest guy on earth for landing behind that line. Ricky Waters could have ran for 18 as well if he played behind that line. Dallas did what any smart football team would do , play to your strengths. They had one of the best run blocking o-lines of all time and they played that up. Their play action pass would have work just as well without Smith. They ran it so well bc of the timing between Aik/Irvin and the fact that they had such an o-line. You could stick anyone in the backfield and their rushing for 12-1300.  All im saying is that Dallas had a very good  , extremely efficient , passing game with multiple options including a very good TE and FB. To go with a great rec corp. with Irvin leading the pack. LOL Not sure what you have against Alvin , but i never called him a world beater. The guy could stretch the field and take the top off of the D.
    As for Rice i still have no idea what your talking about? My point wasnt hard to follow ... Rice had much more help at every single position. The guy didnt play any D , when MJ is a top 3 defensive 2 guard all time. Jordan won 3 titles with the second best player on his team being Pip. You could argue that Rice wasnt even the best player on his team! Look at some of the defense's Rice had on his team. He had absolutely nothing to do with almost 50% of game while 23 never took a play off. Obviously Rice couldnt play D , just like he couldnt play QB. He was a WR , a dependent position if there ever was one. And with that said look at who he had throwing him the ball! He played on all star teams  , while 23 played with guys like Harper , Rodman ... guys that couldnt score to save their lives. Again MJ had Pip , Rice had Montana , Young , Craig , Rathman , Clark , Waters , Taylor etc. and that was just "skill position" players on offense.
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    Re: Who are the Top Ten WR's of all time?

    I never said a bad thing thing about Rice in my life or in any post above. All i did was point out the amount of talent he played with throughout his career. If you want to slurp Jerry Rice go for it. If you read my list his name was first. Jerry Rice isnt miles away from the next best WR. You point out all his great atrributes , great hands , speed etc. There are guys that are way more talented than Rice. If Larry Fitz , Randy Moss , AJ played their entire careers on all star teams with Joe Montana and Steve Young throwing them the ball for 15 years they would have 3-4 rings and as good if not better numbers.