Started this thread on another forum and curious to see the feedback here.

Of course the big talk around town are the Red Sox signing Crawford (aww the non-cap world) .  Tony here has a point.
Could we see all the Boston teams in finals for 2011 ?

In the last three years, since the Red Sox’ last World Series victory, Boston has undergone massive changes. The Celtics have become annual contenders again. The Bruins have become relevant. The Patriots deteriorated some and have since been rebuilt, Bill Belichick turning over his defense in a 10-2 season that most recently produced a resounding 45-3 victory over the Jets. Woe is New York this week. The Patriots, Celtics, and Bruins all have the chance at a championship.

Back top my original question ; Of course I took the Patriots to be in the Superbowl but whom from the NFC would be there ?  Give the Patriots problems ?
Personally I want the Giants , again !