Who do you want NE to draft in Rd 1?

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    Re: Who do you want NE to draft in Rd 1?

    Tade out andf draft the BAP, if the QB's keep falling the #29 will be worth 3 picks.

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    Re: Who do you want NE to draft in Rd 1?

    Not a big fan of a lot of the defensive line talent projected to go high in this draft.

    I'd take Nix or Ford where we are and feel pretty good about it. I'm not a Ealy fan - not in the first. And the kid from Minnesota looks like a boom or bust type. At least with Ford if the kid gets on the outside shoulder of that tackle it's all over, he'll bend around him and get the QB. He does the same thing on the inside shoulder...just rips right off it and explodes towards the QB like he was shot out of a cannon. Not a big guy, but should be a 5-10 sack guy. Nix will be a nose tackle that should help somebody.

    Two guys who I wished didn't work out so well (and became out of reach for us) are Cooks and the DT from Pittsburgh. That receiver Cooks looks like a top 20 pick too me, and the tackle looks like a top 13 pick too me. Would of loved to see one of them on this team.

    I saw a mock draft that had us selecting a De end from Oregon? Crichton? If we select him I'll throw up in my mouth, he looks like a third round pick in my opinion.

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    Re: Who do you want NE to draft in Rd 1?

    The best DT available but I fear it will be Jeremy Deering.

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    Re: Who do you want NE to draft in Rd 1?

    If they could snag any one guy, for me it'd have to be Mack....best D player in this draft

    That cannot happen so:

    Scenario 1:

    At 29, we pick Tuitt...I think Nix is gone by then...if not Tuitt, then Shazier, a potential real difference maker on D even though we need desperately to add young talent with size on the D line. I've watched Hageman several times and next to Clowney he has the most inconsistent motor of a highly rated DL I've seen in the last 5 years...no thanks to untapped potential.

    Scenario 2:

    QB's slide because the crop isn't lighting the world on fire, and a team with a current bad, young QB needs to take a chance and sees one available at 29...BB makes a trade to move into the first 5-7 picks of the 2nd round. At this juncture, BB selects another Interior lineman, either O or D...best lineman available here.

    I say BB does Scenario 2 at this juncture...which means I will have wasted another 4 hours of my life waiting for another darn 1st round selection YET AGAIN!


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    Re: Who do you want NE to draft in Rd 1?


    O- Sammy Watkins or Ebron

    D- Khalil Mack or Anthony Barr


    Semi-Dream (could possibly fall)

    1. Pryor

    2. Ealy

    3. Nix III

    4. Sua-Filo



    1. Hageman

    2. Tuitt

    3. Shazier

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    Re: Who do you want NE to draft in Rd 1?

    One of the top 4 TEs or Kelvin Benjamin. Then go all defense

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    Re: Who do you want NE to draft in Rd 1?

    I think with Connolly at center and cannon at guard DT is a bigger need.

    then and olineman 

    We need some depth at lb, and te but Develin may be used in some fashion

    we have too many cbs and maybe a need at SS? If u. Believe browner plays cb or maybe not, But our cbs have a history of being hurt. This will be the final yr for Ebner and others being anything but STers and I don't see Wilson hanging on

    i think wr is what we see

    if Blount goes I don't see another rb

    We need a camp 3rd string qB I know I will get bricks thrown at ne, but Sanchez may look for a landing spot to spring from, after tebow I expect anything

     I don't have a name for anyone, I listen to the board here

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    Re: Who do you want NE to draft in Rd 1?

    In response to mbeaulieu07's comment:

    Feel free to list (2) options...

    1.  A pipe dream/wishlist pick(s).

    2.  A realistic option(s).

    For me it's:

    1.  Louisville S Calvin Pryor or Missouri DE/OLB Kony Ealy (prob more realistic than Pryor).

    2.  Torn between GT OLB/DE Jeremiah Attaochu, ND DL Stephon Tuitt, ND NT Louis Nix III, Auburn OLB/DE Dee Ford and OSU LB Ryan Shazier. I think it will be tough for them to pass on Tuitt, but adding an athletic edge rusher or LB will be tempting as well.

    as you know, give me the pass rusher with ealy at the top of teh list, folowed by ford.

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    Re: Who do you want NE to draft in Rd 1?

    Hageman if he's available but it's almost useless to predict what BB will do so we'll have to wait and see what he does.

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    Re: Who do you want NE to draft in Rd 1?

    A good wideout.  A guy who can run routes and hold onto the ball.

    Who isn't a criminal.

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    Re: Who do you want NE to draft in Rd 1?

    I orginally was jumping up and down like an organ monkey over the prospect of drafting a TE.  But realistically, there's no way Ebron falls that far, and I don't know about Amarro.  He had a meh combine, has some questionable off the field incidents, and the difference between him and 2-3 other tight ends aren't that much.  So that being said, I would either trade back for more picks, or if a monster defensive lineman has slid to 28, jump on him with both feet.   

    The small handful of players that I am sold on are all going to be off the board, so right now I'm with BB and rather than being hopeful, just be re-active. 

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    Re: Who do you want NE to draft in Rd 1?

    In response to LazarusintheSanatorium's comment:


    This guy is the best player to Draft this year:


    This video has him mainly lining up at DE but I see him at DT NT and DE.  He plays too high.  I can coach that.  He plants players.  Plants them.  His agility and quick-twitch athleticism and change of bodily motion is too odd for me to ignore...At 6'6 and 318lbs it is enigmatic (very Chandler Jones).  He recognizes play direction and making plays...  Backing off the LOS even during a passing down as a D-Lineman when he realizes he hasn't gotten to the QB fast enough on a given play...ultimately doing something like backing off in order to be there for the hit, the PD, or the tackle with a pass over the middle/play breakdown and scramble up front (very Vince Wilfork-esque).  He gets his hands up in order to swat the pass down.  In otherwords, He is smart enough to want the opposing Offense's play to fail any way he can.  And he plants people...driving them & punishing them because they shouldn't have the ball (very Brandon Spikes/James Harrison/Bryan Cox-esque).  He'll roll it on up and over on you...less as an insult...but because you should'nt have had the ball & he went all out to get you to feel the turf.  No disrespect.  He is ferocious, humble and I can see that he has been cut in life:


    Teammates smack him on the head and he's smart and he doesn't like it when the other person is trying to acquire gains on his side so he tries to stop it any way possible and to punish the act.  He is 6'6 318lbs, He plays DT/NT/DE, Is smart, ferocious, punishing, enigmatically agile, wants to stop the other side's gain flashy play, non-flashy play...but just to stop their unfair gain, He plants people and teammates smack him on the head like a good watch bulldog for it...he is softer spoken and humble and he's been cut before...he plants & punishes & he wants their hubris for trying to take gains from his side to be punished.  He will be a success. 

    Ra'shede Hageman

    He plays slightly too high, but his lean and drive is nice and one recognizes a very nominal correction.  Excellent psychological and physical balance in countenance, play, measurables...tangible & intangible.  He'll be good.

    When you can see real skillz paralleled with tempered swag...that is=Game with Untapped Potential...-sh#t- makes me hot. 


    He sure gets double teamed a lot. Sometimes too quick, takes himself out of the play. But, thats a good thing, quick at that position is important. LOVE the length.
    For his size moves good, faster than expected. In pads, which is what counts with me.