Who gets fired first? Rexy or Coughlin?

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    Re: Who gets fired first? Rexy or Coughlin?

    I don't think either gets fired. Apart from the Yankees, they have very low standards for their teams in New York, especially (but not only) the football teams. They embrace the suck in Gotham.

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    Re: Who gets fired first? Rexy or Coughlin?

    I have been in enemy territory for the past month and a half and the local NYC sports radio guys as well as the fans believe the following:

    They both might be gone, but for different reasons

    1.  If Rex goes, it will be because he is fired... but many fans have his back in calls and think that he did a great job coaching up a team that wasn't that talented and they feel they got the most out of him

    2.  If Tom goes, it will be because it is his choice to not go through a rebuilding mode at his age

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    Re: Who gets fired first? Rexy or Coughlin?

    Both predictable premises from each fanbase. One fanbase is littered with morons. The other, has at least won some games and SBs in their past.

    Rex Ryan is a large reason why their team was built so poorly from 2009-2013, regardless of what Mt Hurl tries to spin in here.

    The stories of him arriving at Bart Scott's home, personally in 2009 the day FA opened, are priceless.

    Sanchez was his, most of the picks were his, per Rich Cimini, their beatwriter. So, this whole idea that he's a good coach and leader is beyond comical.

    He's clearly, at least to educated adults, not a leader of any kind.  I wonder if he had his Sanchez tatoo removed yet?  I mean, the stuff that has gone down on his watch will live in absolutel infamy.

    The foot fetish, to the blabber mouth awkward press conferences, the guarantee of a SB in 2011, to the Buttfumble and Sanchez/wifey tatoo...he's one of the most bizarre and failed NFL head coaches of all time.

    Larry David couldn't write this script.

    They put all their eggs into a basket between the 2009 and 2010 seasons and threw all caution to the wind, literally thinking they had a SB team in those seasons.

    With Coughlin, he's old and they're in a cap hell and their recent drafts have been awful, so it may be an agreed upon moving on kind of a move with him.

    I will say, I blame Reese more than Coughlin these last 2 years in terms of the drafts and poor leverage Reese gave himself as GM.

    Cap hell is a real thing, folks.  Off this lockout, it won't be as easy to recover either.


    It has been a consistent and noticable decline with Rex at the helm in NY.  It is also a riot to watch from afar.  The lack of success of the Jets and steady decline reminded me of when Pete Carrol coached here before Bill.  It was so annoying to see all the progress the tuna made get dwindled down in a slow death.  The only difference is that it is great to watch the Jets go down in flames.  Rex is such a tool and a wierdo, he is a walking made for TV type of personality.

    I am not sure how the Jets can go and fire every single person except for Rex.  The only thing I can think of is the owner wasn't comfortable with the GM right away and wanted him to get broken in and have the reins handed to him by Rex.  I think this is the time when the GM makes his move and bings in his own guy... Rex was a riot with all the distractions and just shows why Bill doesn't feed the media any extra material for them to run with.  It's like feeding the trolls on the boards, but much worse. 

    I think both are gone to be honest... it will be hard to see either come back.  I think Tom did a heck of a job, but if one guy does come back it would be him due to his loyalty and desire to fix what is wrong with the club.  Rex... I'm not sure how he is even employed anymore... he should be with the other nutjob on monday night football Gruden. 

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    Re: Who gets fired first? Rexy or Coughlin?

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    I haven't seen a thread about this but I think Rexy will be the first to go. I can't blame Rexy for Geno Smith throwing costly interceptions or holding on to the ball too long. I can't blame Coughlin for Eli looking so pathetic this year. I do give Coughlin credit is that he does have 2 rings as a HC. Rexy on the other hand was knocking on the door but couldn't kick it down.

    all good and well thought out posts for the most part...i agree with the idea Gilbride and Fewell should go before Coughlin as there is too much talent to be underachieving on both sides of the ball injuries notwithstanding...Reese and Coughlin be back next year...as for Rex he is what he is: a DC not a head coach just like every other Ryan and this will be 3 straight down years after the fast start....and Idzik will want to choose his own guy

     Judging from both the number of NY fans on the Pats board and Pats fans starting threads about NY teams it obvious that Boston and NY have a mutual fascination with each other! The psychological reasons for this I will ponder some other time.

    Anyway, Tom has been a good solid coach in NY and the Giants would not have those 2 rings without him. Rex is truly a defensive coach as Jints fans observes but I think he has enough support in NY to keep his job especially if he wins 1 more game. As others have pointed out: the team plays for him and he will have the cap space next year to bring on the talent needed to move the team forward.

    I think it's all good because it heightens the competition between NY and Boston for whatever reasons this fascination exists between the 2 cities.  

    I am not sure what the impetus in general is for the Boston/NY rivalry. As it pertains to the Jets/Pats it pretty much intensified when Parcells slunk out of NE and was a conspirator in tampering by the Jets. Then the defection of Curtis Martin to the Jets and then Bil Belichik jilting the jets at the altar really intensified the rivalry. Oh and Rex's proclimation that he doesn't kiss anyones rings... just toes.

    IMPETUS FOR NY / BOSTON RIVALRY. Pick one below:

    Freud: Penus Envy 

    Jung: Animus/ Anima 

    Adler: Lust for Power

    Skinner: Conditioning

    Maslow: Hierarchy of Needs 

    Just kidding. There couldn't be anything psychological about the NY / Boston rivalry!