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Who goes? And who do we re sign?

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    Re: Who goes? And who do we re sign?

    let them all go except Light and use the savings for draft picks to fill their shoes
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    Re: Who goes? And who do we re sign?

    I like Page thought he made some plays, fills the ST/db role
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    Re: Who goes? And who do we re sign?

    Re-sign and retain;

    1) Matt Light.( time to move on )  5m savings

    He can stay for the right money and leave for wrong money, there is no one to replace him unless we draft a RT in the first round which we may. Even then we would need a back up and you are cutting Kaczur so who becomes the back up to the rookie and Vollmer?

    2) James Sanders  ( to expensive for a 3/4 safety )  2.8m savings   
    I would pay this man he came on strong towards the end and he is a starter on many teams that are NOT loaded @ safety. There will be a safety trade this year my feeling is Merriweather will go. Sanders is the best replacement we have becasue Chung would move to SS and Sanders would fall back into his old role.
    Renegotiate there contracts, give them a chance to stay IF they say NO kiss them good bye.

    Nick Kazur  ( drug problems and injuries ) 3.4m savings, you are right he is not worth this money off an IR year and a potential move to OG....... BUT he becomes the first OT off the bench. SO he has leverage. 

    J Willite  ( to much for a dimeback )  1.2m savings, I would rather see him go but offer him the minimum and see if he works for a new contract in 2012
    J Page  ( back up safety ? )  1.7m savings, forced a trade with the Cheifs because he was subjected to the same rule as Mankins, he played very well for KC and averaged a great deal of tackles BUT he wants a pay day PLUS McGowan is coming back on the cheap.  
    Tully Banta Cain ( come now ) 3m savings, this is the second time this BUM has had a good year EARNED a contract and LET A TEAM down, in 2006 her earned a deal with SF 49ers, last year he earned one here NOW he is expendable. VET min or good bye.

    Reserve Retired List
    Stephen Neal  ( he's DONE. )  3M SAVINGS

    fred Taylor ( see S. Neal ) 2m savings   
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    Re: Who goes? And who do we re sign?

    Need to resign Green-Ellis, I say resign Light if he takes a somewhat cheap deal, I still say resign mankins, or tag and trade the guy. Uh, Sanders, his contract needs to be restrustured. TBC, yeah this guy is getting paid for pass rushing services and is only piling up the late hit penalties, I would cut him or trade him. Page is interesting I say keep if they cut Sanders. Sanders also could be great trade bait, he is a pretty descent safety. This ought to be a crazy off-season.
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    Re: Who goes? And who do we re sign?

    O-line is going to be a big issue for the Pats this offseason.  If both Light and Kaczur go, they really have only two tackles on the roster (Volmer and LeVoir-I'm not counting Maneri who was on the practice squad and is a TE they are trying to convert to tackle). Of those two, only one can start (Volmer; LeVoir is awful).  This means they need to draft a rookie who can step right in as a starter or sign a veteran free agent--probably both. Kaczur is under contract, so I think he stays for depth if nothing else.  Light is trickier--I think the Pats are ready to find his long-term replacement, but in the absence of someone who can step right in and start, Light would be nice to have around if he can be signed at a moderate price (questionable, though, since he is a Pro Bowler even if he is old).  The problem with Light as a back-up, though, is he's not very versatile. He's struggled on the right side, and probably isn't what you want in a guard.  I suspect that lack of versatility means the Pats let him go.  Getting a starting-quality tackle then becomes a major priority.  Volmer seems to be able to play both at the left and right sides, though, so there's some flexibility in whether they draft/acquire a right or a left tackle.

    Interior line is a big issue.  I think the odds are that Mankins is gone.  I seriously doubt they'll franchise him (assuming that's even a possibility under the new CBA) because of the cost (and I don't think tag and trade is that likely either because under a tag and trade scenario Mankins will be costly for another team to acquire.) Neal is washed up and probably should retire.  The rest of the guys are mediocre. Koppen and Connelly are serviceable but that's all. Wendell, Ohrnberger, Ojinnaka all are back ups or developmental players now. Honestly, getting at least one top guard in draft or free agency seems like a serious priority if Mankins isn't somehow re-signed. I could very well see BB keeping Kaczur and Ojinnaka as back ups because of their versatility (ability to play both tackle and guard) and continuing the Kaczur-as-starting-guard experiment just to fill one of the guard spaces.  Still, it would be nice (and maybe even necessary) to pick up one starting-quality tackle and one starting-quality guard or center in the draft or in free agency this year.  I'd expect at least one of our high-level draft picks to be used on the O-line this year.  

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    Re: Who goes? And who do we re sign?

    I'd keep Light and Page. Light had an outstanding year and believe me there were years that I thought he was useless...keep him if the price is right. Page is very large and we need some big safeties that can play. The rest of them can go, except maybe Sanders, but he had his ups and downs and is replaceable.