Who R the 2010 Patriots

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    Who R the 2010 Patriots

    When this whole Dynasty thing got started back in 2001 we had a team of Vets, Journeymen and dedicated soldiers. They won games by punching people in the mouth, protecting the ball and playing smart situational footbal. They brought a determination and toughnest to the game that hadn't really been seen before. Just a bunch of misfits with a winning desire and a resolve forged mostly from being part of losing programs or being rejected as not the prototypical player. We had a DEFENSIVE minded coach that was always the smartest person in the stadium and maube even the veiwing audience. Patriot games back then were typically won by 7 or less points. A halftime lead was a Wiki defenition of a lock and it meant that the oposing team could expect to be bumrushed, Beaten and demoralized. This is most evident in the record of those teams the week after playing the Patriots. This was also typically a loss.  This formula/Recipe brought three championships to lowely Foxboro, MA and to NE.

     Something chganged. We brought slow & Steady, Smart, Tough, Dedicated to the field and we won three SB's by a combined 9pts. Then we bacame anamoured by the flashy girl. We changed our team to be a highlight reel. With this new team we broke almost every record there is. We have won more games by bigger margins than any other team in history. But we have 0, ZERO championships to show for it. Everyone hates us and cheers when we lose or bad things happen.

    I'll be the first to admit I ROARED and jumped out of my seat everytime a TB to RM touchdown was scored. I loved beating teams by 30pts. But as I right this I now know the truth.. We say it all the time. We hear it everywhere. We use it to make our arguments. But we left it sitting on the side while we danced with flashy. And now we have everything we deserve.  wait for it....... 


    Lets hope BB also realizes what has happened and he does what he needs to do in order to get us back there..  I would trade 10 randy moss for one Andruzzi, Phifer, Bruishi, Cox, Harrison, IzzoMcGinest, Milloy, Vrabel.. I'm sure i'm missing many but you get the idea...  Just my 2 cents... 

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    Re: Who R the 2010 Patriots

    The pats will be retooled and reloaded for the start of the 2010 season. I'm putting all y'all bches on notice..  Soryy I needed to go a little getto.
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    Re: Who R the 2010 Patriots

    BB has been drafting almost exclusively defensive players with his higher round draft choices for the last two drafts.  I expect that many of the picks need 2 years to mature.  BB runs the NFL's most complex defense when he has the personnel.

    Other picks such as the 5 foot 9 cornerbacks were probably poor strategic investments to begin with.  Bug boy football players get injured very easily when they collide with tight ends and pulling guards, and then they become slow and can't jump very high.  Since cornerbacks need 2 years to learn their craft, odds are they'll never be good for much, and in this league you have to play the odds.

    In any case the defensive free agents were mostly flops.  Somebody will wake up to this fact and then somebody will get demoted/fired.  Also, I hope the Pats will get a bit closer to their old Riverboat Charlie Weiss offensive play calling.

    Overall, the 2010 Patriots will still be Robert Kraft, great owner, Bill Belichick, great coach, Tom Brady, great quarterback, a pile of experience on a team that was 10-5 when they clinched the division 35-7 against a playoff wannabe, and more draft choices than any team really has a right to have.  All of that hasn't changed.
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    Re: Who R the 2010 Patriots

    Your original question is a tough one. Other than Koppen, Brady, Vollmer, Moss, Warren, Mayo, and Merriweather, I don't think our starting line-up is set in stone at all. Yes, Mankins will probably be retained because he's a RFA. I think next year, the re-build continues, and we will be fortunate to win nine games.
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    Re: Who R the 2010 Patriots

    Hey MVP..
    I agree with what your saying. My point was that our D is not scary to anyone. I just feel that with BB as Coach and Emperor of all things football in NE that the D should always be top 5 in the league. I wanted to write "Best in the League" but I accounted for parity.. I mean,  doesn't that make sense.. Shouldn't a BB run team just have a scary D...
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    Re: Who R the 2010 Patriots

    Thanks for the pep talk MVP.
    I agree completely. Hopefully BB Coaching cupboard won't get raided this year and he can spend more time with the X's and O's and less time trying to bring a green coach up to speed.

    I fully agree that the seeds for the next Dynasty could very well be here all ready..