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Who starts at OLB?

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    Re: Who starts at OLB?

    Let's see who gets cut first and which UFAs are available. At this early stage Cunningham, Crable, Mackenzie and Guyton et al are all just depth at ILB and OLB we have to wait to see who has a great camp and emerges as the player(s) that gets more playing time. I still don't know what a healthy Crable or McKenzie looks like, but they will be pushed by Spikes and Cunningham. I do know one thing, Belichick will coach these young players up because that is what we do around here. Again alot could be determined on how often the Pats use a 3-4 front  vs. 4-3 base. Skill sets (pass rush, run defender) will be determined.
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    Re: Who starts at OLB?

    i believe the pats have improved their pass rush w/ the addition of gerrard warren, damione lewis and re-signing wilfork because now the interior dline will have more of a push up the middle allowing speed rushers to come off edge. just a thought....
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    Re: Who starts at OLB?

    I think Guyton's best spot is by far an OLB in a 4-3. I was referring to just 3-4 OLB's before because that seems to be what the Pats lack at this point. It's also a very hard position to fill league wide, as the Jets, Pats, and Phins pretty much passed on all of the 3-4 OLB prospects early in the draft.

    Guyton seems like a hard worker so they certainly could try him at OLB in a 3-4 or a 4-3, but either way he'll just approach being an average player IMO. He is what he is. There were reasons he went undrafted despite his great speed. He will have a role on the team next year regardless.

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    In Response to Re: Who starts at OLB? : In the Monday night Buffalo game he played 4-3 OLB (he's actually a pretty good Will, I think).  He also started at OLB against Miami and the Jets.  I don't remember exactly what defense they were playing against the Jets.  With Miami, though, it was a weird package because of the wildcat (I remember them lining Wilfork up on the outside too).   I don't think you're too hard on him.  His weakness shedding blocks is obvious--whether he's playing inside or outside.  He also hasn't shown great pass rush moves.  He isn't a bad tackler or pass defender (for a LB) though, and he has great straight-line speed.  Plus I think he's smart and knows what he's supposed to do. That's why I think he'll get a chance at OLB, though the jury's still out whether he'll be able to play that spot on a regular basis.
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    Re: Who starts at OLB?

    Athletically, Guyton looks like he's best suited for WLB in a 4-3 scheme

    He's fast and somewhat undersized weight-wise, but in a 4-3 the weakside linebacker is a faster player who can run with tight ends or slot receivers while having the speed to pursue the play from the far side of the field.  WIth four lineman in front of them, there's less chance he gets engaged.

    I see Guyton as a nickel linebacker.  Whether he competes for ILB or OLB, I think he'll have to throw on a few pounds.  Spikes is a much better complement to Mayo, though (bigger, harder hitter, can stop guards in their tracks much more easily)

    I can't remember any other specific instances, but in the first game against the Jets last year he got plowed and couldn't get off blocks.  I don't see how he would fare any better against bigger, stronger offensive tackles if he couldn't hold his ground against smaller, quicker guards.
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    Re: Who starts at OLB?

    On paper right now I think to start the season it would be TBC and Woods as your standard OLB's.  Hopefully Cunningham can work his way in there during the year.  TBC has to be replaced on run downs though.  McKenzie and Crable haven't played a down so we can't really say what the can or cannot do just yet.  So on run downs I can see Woods and Cunningham and passing downs I can see TBC and Guyton. 
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    Re: Who starts at OLB?

    No way Guyton plays any regular OLB.  He isn't even remotely strong enough to hold his ground at the point of attack and set the edge in the running game.  He also isn't a natural pass rusher.  Guyton's skills don't fit a 3-4 outside linebacker at all.
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    Re: Who starts at OLB?

    Does anyone think the Pats go to a 4-3?  Personally, I don't think their linemen are 4-3 linemen . . . they don't have the speed.  And I think BB prefers 3-4, so I assume we'll remain predominantly a 3-4 team.  But I guess one of the alternatives to help us at LB would be to go to something more like a 4-3 or maybe some hybrid scheme BB will concoct.  Do you adjust the scheme to the talent this year?  I think in the past BB was more likely to try to force the talent into the scheme, but changing up the scheme somewhat is an option. 

    Curious what others think, but I think the real challenge with going to 4-3 is that our linemen seem more like 3-4 guys.  Plus do we have any more 4-3 pass rushing ends than we have 3-4 pass rushing OLBs?  It seems to me that we'd be just replacing one problem with another.