Who the heck is Marcus Forston

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    Re: Who the heck is Marcus Forston

    Forston was the most touted rookie FA pickup but he did not seem to produce as expected in the preseason. It a surprise he made the roster but my sense is he will waived when BB picks up another offensive player off of waivers. I think BB is holding on to him temporarily so he is not right out there to get claimed rather let teams grab other guys and hope he gets to the practice squad. 
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    Re: Who the heck is Marcus Forston

    From nfl.com Indianapolis combine analysis

    Forston is an early-entry junior who started for only one full season at Miami after missing 10 games in his first year with an injury. He never officially sought a medical redshirt as a freshman, and he only played consistently as a sophomore, where he was a very effective player starting 12 out of 13 games on the line. He suffered a knee injury during a practice early this year and missed the remaining 10 games, so experience and injury concerns highly effect his value.


    Forston really excels working against the run, so much so that if he has the ability to put on weight, he potentially could be sought after by teams who run a 3-4 scheme and need a nose tackle to engulf blockers at the point of attack. As an athlete, he is impressive working against the run to work off blocks and get to the ball. He is quick off the snap and has noticeable power to work slants and stunts and get into the backfield to disrupt plays. Instincts are an issue for him, as he doesn't seem to read and react to offensive schemes well, but it's encouraging that the issues surrounding his play could be helped significantly with good coaching.


    Injuries are a major concern for Forston as he enters the draft. He had season-ending issues in his first and last year at Miami, and didn't play enough in his second year to put more than one solid season on tape. His ability to stay on the field for the long-term will be an issue, and even when healthy he had difficulties being a three-down player. He shows a ton of wasted energy in his movements trying to rush the passer and has a lot of room to improve in his technique.

    He's a classic Bill Belichick under the radar guy.  The only record on him is his 2009 year.  He appears to have the strength to play nose tackle, and he could be ok with lots of coaching and if he stays injury-free.  For now, he'll be inactive until he can play.   

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    Re: Who the heck is Marcus Forston

    He dind't play much, but I saw him collapse the pocket a few times.
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    Re: Who the heck is Marcus Forston

    i thought he could have used another year in college. i' be pleasantly surprised if he matches love's play.
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    Re: Who the heck is Marcus Forston

    Actually I called this one back in June! When we did roster projections I predicted he would make it, but I thought his performance in preseason was making me look silly. haha Even though he is here now doesn't mean he will be here next week when additonal tweaks are made.
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    Re: Who the heck is Marcus Forston

    I think Forston is this year's Tarpinian - a guy that had high level talent, that was injured too much in college to get drafted high (or at all). After Fanene bombed we were pretty low on big defensive tackles (not ends, but tackles). I think this guy benefited from a low numbers circumstance and a coach that loves defensive linemen - I imagine he'll spend most of the year bouncing on and off the roster. I just keep remembering how the past two years we have been signing defensive linemen off the street, maybe a guy like Forston will put an end to that.