Who's the one in the doghouse?

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    Who's the one in the doghouse?

    Based on the drafting of Collins and Beauharnais, it would appear that Belichick is looking to adjust the LB spot a bit. Certainly this may have to do with Spikes's contract expiring soon, and the need to replace him. Not to mention that Collins is a versatile, do-it-all player. But Beauharnais is more of a prototypical LB. He can hit, run, and appears to be smart and has a nose for the ball. Needless to say, he was a good pick up. 

    All that said, who exactly on the defense isn't working out as Belichick wants? As we know, Belichick was caught saying, "these guys just don't get it" at some point last year, when referring to the defense. He's clearly looking for tough, unselfish, INTELLIGENT players on the defensive side of the ball, and that's why he brought in 4 RU guys.

    I find it hard to believe it could possibly be Mayo or Hightower. Ninkovich and Jones seem like unlikely candidates, and of course Vince and McCourty are consistently lauded for their play and intelligence. The only guys who jump out to me would be Spikes, and their interior DL, including Love, Deaderick, etc. But I would've thought they would've picked up an interior DL if this was indeed an issue, which they didn't. So to me, Spikes seems like the only logical candidate. Nonetheless, we'd be absurd to pretend he doesn't have some value on the team.

    Am I overanalyzing the situation, or are there a few players Belichick feel are dunces who can't understand their system?

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    Re: Who's the one in the doghouse?

    I think they really needed a coverage LB who could do just about everything and that's what Collins brings. They were getting killed in that area, even Mayo isn't that great in coverage. The other part is probably Spikes contract coming up. I'm expecting big things from Hightower this year, he can play. A couple of years ago we had an aging, slow LB coor that Belichick has built into one of the youngest and best in the league.

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    Re: Who's the one in the doghouse?

    BB likes versatility, depth, and flexibility.  While Spikes is in the last year of his contract and that is something that needs to be looked at, he is also one of the few players we have on D that can spark the defense and be a hard hitting enforcer.  I would hate to see him go, and i'm guessing BB feels the same but is hedging his bets and also wants LB's with better coverage skills.  Needless to say our LB's are horrible in that regard and sadly Spikes ranks worst of all. 

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