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Why all the panic?

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    Why all the panic?

    I have been visiting this forum for over 2 years and this is my first post. Hopefully I'll contribute in the future as well.

    Regarding the last game against the Saints. Why all this panic? I think many fans simply expect too much from this team every single year. Yes the expectations should be high, but they shouldnt be as high as to demand undefeated seasons every year. What happened in 2007 will never be repeated again, and the Pats came up short in the SB. The years they won the SB, they lost a few games. There were also many blowouts that we suffered like the first game in Buffalo after the Lawyer Milloy trade. Everyone was outraged but the Pats won the SB that year. We also got beat 41-17 by the Chargers in one of the SB years.

    As for the Saints game, I dont believe the score would be the same if they ever played again. The Saints arent as good as they played and the Pats arent as bad. Brees made perfect throws and there were a few blown coverages, so what? There is no defense against a team that was clicking as well the Saints at that time!  

    All those who are panicking should not forget that the coaching staff has been getting destroyed almost every single year.   Weis and Crennel are gone.  Mangini, McDaniels are gone as well. It really does begin to catch up with the team. They need a stable OC and DC that will be here for many years, like Tom Moore with Peyton Manning and Dick Labeau with the Steelers. Dean Pees obviously has not been doing a good job, but it also can be contributed to the fact that the defensive personnel has changed so much over the years. There is almost no one on defense left that was here for the last 2004 SB winning team.  This current defensive roster needs more time to get comfortable before we can say they can't stop anyone. 

    The team will be fine. I think we will still make it to the Super Bowl. It is better for the Pats to be considered underdogs heading into the playoffs. I have no confidence in Peyton Manning and Colts can win in the playoffs. That is where they choke.  I can see the Steelers, Ravens or Chargers knocking them out.                         

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    Re: Why all the panic?

    Not to worry, Spazznetz, after the Pats crunch Miami on Sunday, the Pats will be utterly awesome again and flowers will bloom and children will sing and God will smile down upon us in his infinite grace . . .

    until the Pats lose again.
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    Re: Why all the panic?

    In Response to Re: Why all the panic?:
    Did you watch the same game that the rest of us did? Are you high on BB Kool Aid? Are you employed by the PR department for the pats? Have you watched the Colts play this year?(Besides of course the infamous BB's Blunder game)? You said this was your first post...please make it your last.
    Posted by l2theH

    I've watched the Colts play. Everything has been going their way this year. They are getting the lucky bounces, and the opponents missed field goals.  They constantly get the ridicolous PI calls in crucial moments. Just look at their game last week. The WR wasnt touched and they still threw a flag!  We were beating the Colts 31-14. We lost by one point, does it mean they are so much better?  Do you have confidence in Peyton not to choke once again in the playoffs. He usually does choke in the playoffs.  If he wasnt playing against the Rex Grossman  in the 06 SB , he might still be without a ring because of that terrible performance.