Seriously one of the reasons to come on here is to exchange ideas/thoughts and debate w/ other people. Whats wrong w/ that? And when someone makes absolutely no sense , what wrong w/ calling them out on it? Id tried so many times to ask someone , " whats your thinking about/behind that" , or " I see your point , but dont you think this guy would be a better fit " etc. And Im sorry , but when you make no sense and wont defend your post Im calling you out. Hey Im wrong all the time , but have no problem telling you why/how I got to that point. Theres just too many pussdogs on here , seriously man up. This is supposed to be a place where you can go to get into it w/ others who have the same sports interest as you. Rather its a place where a small clique run around complementing each other like the house wives of foxoboro place.