I see these posts about getting this running back or that running back. And I know it's fun to dream. But what's the point?

Belichick absolutely refuses to address the running back situation in any meaningful way. In over a decade  he's made two legitimate moves to address that position. Corey Dillon. Stop gap measure. We got one good year out of him and one elite year. Clearly on the back end of his carreer when he got here age wise. And secondly, drafting Maroney high in the first round. He ended up being the biggest Pats bust running back since Cedrick Shaw. But at least Bill tried.

He's going to continue doing what he's always done. He's going to sign washed up players like Fred Taylor and mediocre backs like Sammy Morris and Joe Addai.

And do you know why? Because he doesn't care. The running back position isn't important to him. I think he believes he can win without one. Especially now that the league is so pass happy. The flip side of that is that most defenses now are geared to stop the pass and a legit running back would make a huge difference.

There's a reason that we keep getting shut down in the playoffs by good defenses and even terrible ones like the 2010 Giants. We are way too predictable. Nobody has to worry about the running game. And the short passing game is NOT a legit substitute for as good running game.

But Bill can't possibly be wrong, right?