Why destroy your Cell Phone?

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    Re: Why destroy your Cell Phone?

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    Let's see...obstruction of justice conviction vs. murder conviction...which sentence is longer?

    Seriously, we have only a shadow of a shadow of the real story, so far.

    That considered, didn't we see Hernandez flash a gang symbol in a telecast a season or so back? I won't type the gang's name, but I know what I saw and I got angry viewing it, having formerly lived in a gang-infested neighborhood in Aurora, IL when I stupidly bought a cool vintage house there w/o really giving the neighborhood a top-to-bottom preview. Having lived alongside them and seeing what they did to the community for 11 years, I hate gangs!

    Critical football fans outside of N.E. are dumping on Pats' fans, claiming that we want to see the whole thing white-washed.  I think they misjudge.  This is a much more moral part of the country than I think outsiders realize.  I've lived North, South, East and West.  People in the South and the Midwest claim to be most moral.  But I have found that more of these people here live to be more moral and straight-forward than the people in those other areas.  And these people are not going to tolerate a murderer/conspirator-to-murder in their midst, regardless of lofty rank or profile.

    To conclude my first and last post of 2013 here, do these Pats look hopeless or what? How much more stuff could go against this team before even their first game?



    I agree w/ you on one thing it's really early in the investigation but so so far he is acting incredibly foolish. But please stop with the notion that people in the northeast are some how more morally up standing than the rest of the country. I grew up in NH and lived in a lot of different places in the U.S. and that statement is just plain dumb.  




    You make a good point.  I was doing the same stupid thing they do in Indiana or Southern Illinois, etc.. I have known some really good, solid people here.  And I have also met liars, cheats, punks, bullies and crooks hereabouts, too.  Same as everywhere else.  Sorry.

    But now you remind me of the very reason I stopped participating here last year.  Posters eating there own, being bullies, lecturing others, correcting ohers, etc. Have a great season.


    Chris I agree w/ you on one point but disagree w/ you on another. That's called a difference of opinon. You can't let something someone writes on here turn you sour to something. When you put your opinion out there not everyone will agree you that is the point of discussion boards and forums. And you also have a great season.