Why Do BB's Gameplans in Big Games leave a lot to be desired??

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    Re: Why Do BB's Gameplans in Big Games leave a lot to be desired??

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    Umm, why did you sign up with a new name only to post twice with the same stupid, nonsensical question?

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    Relax dude.  I'm just curious why you'd choose that avatar out of all the ones that are available.   What's the 411?


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    The light projecting off the mask is "disturbing"?  I weep for our country's future. Our millenial dork generation is pathetic.


    Good luck in life, kid. You'll need it.

    "Light"?   Really?  No wonder they dropped that guy from their advertising.  Pretty sure most people don't think that's "light".

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    Re: Why Do BB's Gameplans in Big Games leave a lot to be desired??

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    Is he Overthinking these things??? Does he realize how long WE AS FANS wait during offseason, draft, mini camps ,training camps, etc, reg season.  All this buildup as we try to get over another crushing SB loss by the hands of the same team/coach who had beat us 4 years ago and THIS is what we get???  A confused, scary team that makes mistakes it hadnt made all year??  This is all On Brady??!?  Please tell me how He is to blame for bad gameplans. Joshy is not off the hook either. Why we were calling playaction passes and then passing it horizontially??? Hasnt happened all year but in the playoffs the goal is to go sideways not forward???  

    Ok, so besides that we saw Vareen in action the week before abusing linebackers and I thought the plan was to utilitze this plan right away to get the Ravens on their heels and most analysts agreed with this but we came out and tried to slow the game down which doesnt work in our favor. I have not coached NFL for 30 years but ive been a fan for as long and Ive played and coached on the lower levels and YOU stick TO WHAT GOT YOU THERE!  Brady was at his best back in the day when spreading the ball. He would have 7 diff. targets by halftime and now its a 3 man show and you expect defenses not to catch on?? 

    Why wasnt Fells in the gameplan? Oh-oh on a f/b swing pass off playaction??  NO Vareen 1st half, NO Bolden,.  Why does BB cut good players because he has to have ALL this DEPTH?? I mean we got a bunch of s*ck lineman who dont contribute outside or Fork but we got Branch as our 3rd WR and Slater as our 4th???  really?  anyone else think Taylor Prive would be up to speed by now. Why did we cut him?? to make room for Ocho??


    Ok, my rant is done on BB, I could go on for days but you get the point.  Right now is when someone is getting ready to chime in about how we compete every year, in the playoffs, stop being spoiled, blah, blah, blah

    Ok now on to Defense and Mr. Patricia. I thought coming in that blitzing Flacco early was the best way to go. We only  blitzed him twice earlier in the year in week 3. The way he likes to air it out deep the best defense is to blitz so he has to throw early before those deep routes develop.  Caldwell usually calls a safe game early. VS the Bronco's it was run on 1st and 2nd and then throw on 3rd. It was so predictable I just knew it had to be a setup but it wasnt,. They came out with the same thing and thats we defensed them well early but blitzing him may have made him uncomfortable. A deep passer like Flacco needs to find rythm and we gave it too him. Watching the game at the end when it was already over and how we blitzed him and were effective just made me shake my head as to why we didnt do that early.  Once they put Flacco in the gun and scrapped the run game, I knew our secondary was toast.


    Soooo, lets bring it back. Why do these BB led teams look so flustered in Big games?? Does he put too much pressure on players during these weeks?? because these guys execute flawlessly in the reg. season. If you watched the Replay you will see Harbaugh directing his offense as ALL HC's do so can we please stop with this Brady runs the show?  HE plays the game like he is instructed. If they stack the box, he audibles to pass, If they show pass coeverage he checks to run. its simple expect when the teams Nickel package can stop your run.  This is about BB and his SHow. He always say that everything is on him so thats what Im doing.


    Poor Gameplan in 07 SB. Poor Gameplan in 2010 playoffs vs Jets echoed by Mr.Kraft. Poor Gameplan in 2011 SB (Obrien admitted he should have changed the playcall on the saftey after the fact) and another bad gameplan last week. I mean does BB just roll out of bed and blindly put this crap together??? Is this Ernie Adams doing behind the scenes. I think BB has a job as a Magician when he retires because he has a whole fan base looking at the Best player while he Flubs up Opportunity after Opportunity in the postseason putting together these Pre_season-esque Gameplans.  I keep thinking he will Realize and wait a whole year only to watch the most Poorest Gameplan of the season.. What Gives??

    I'll open up DEBATE for YOU guys now because to me this is NOT even debatable anymore. BB is killing this teams chances year after year by NOT HIRING REAL OFF. and DEF. Coordinators and its Waaaaaay past time to do something about it. Oh how I wish TB retires so we can see what BB will do then...


    does it ever cross your mind the other team has something to do with all this?


    or is it the usual arrogance that says the mighty patriots only beat themselves, no one else does? maybe the game plan and coaching was just fine and it just wasn't enough to beat the opponent that day who, believe it or not, gets paid and wants to win too




    Ummm, no this is not a case of being arrogant. Just because your team beat us twice dont try to act like you know the team. If I just said, the better team didnt win, that would be one thing but I DID point out what gameplan I would have preffered so it is valid because I mentioned the gameplan that should have worked. Of course the other team gets paid but you shouldnt play into their strenghts which is what we did now.


    if i misread ur tone then i apologize but it seems the one possibility i bring to the table is the one never considered here, or certainly very rarely


    btw i didnt bring up anything to do with sb's and while i get my hackles up defending my team from silly snide comments this was not one of those times-i am not talking about the giants, and not even about the ravens-i am pointing out a fact in general that can involve any two teams...case in point-the game plan nor the coaches were the problem vs falcons and ravens this year for my giants...they got beat and badly-didn't show up to play, got complacent and ran out of steam and generally played awful...no bs about coaching and game plans and giants beat themselves that would be silly

    Exactly, there is a difference between you having a bad gameplan and your team not showing up. lets face it your team LAYED down and werent even in the playoffs where there is pressure. We faced a hungry team that maybe did want it more due to revenge and Ray retiring but that doesnt excuse the fact the gameplan sucked and played to our weaknesses and to their strenghts. We had a lot of drop passes that were caused by physical play, yes. Backs should have been used early to exploit their backers instead of trying smash Ngata, Lewis, and Co in the mouth. Lewis and Ellerbe were allowed to stay in the middle because we had no backs split out wide. we got 2 Tds from Vareen the previous week doing the same. Can you explain what happened to your team in the form of X's and O's or did they just Lay down?? 

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    Re: Why Do BB's Gameplans in Big Games leave a lot to be desired??

    I like myself, who do you like? Arrogant fiotch!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Why Do BB's Gameplans in Big Games leave a lot to be desired??

    Different team, different matchup bringing more physicality. 'Nough said. Let's move on to the SB. The east vs. west Civil War. Should be exciting watching two heavy weights trying to take each other out.

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