Why does Ron Borges exist?

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    Why does Ron Borges exist?

    I just watched CSN and Borgie is saying that Brady is not happy about his contract status and it's not a foregone conclusion that he'll be a Patriot after this year.

    What an a**hole Borges is? On several occasions Brady has said that he knows he has a good thing, and at no point has he indicated any displeasure with the Pats. I can't comprehend how Borges has a job. I mean, everything he writes is negative and 99% of it is wrong and/or made up. I remember back in BB's first year how he claimed he had inside info that Lawyer Milloy was a goner. Nope, they signed him to a long deal. He thought they should've picked David Terrell or Koren Robinson in the 01 draft? Wrong! Seymour was a great pick, but Borgie thought it was awful. Then, two years later, Seymour and Borgie are tight.

    I just don't understand this guy. If you listen to him, the Pats shouldn't even try lacing em up next year. Every position is a hole! Ugh
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    Re: Why does Ron Borges exist?

        He actually knows a lot more about football than Ryan or Shaugnessy but he is still wrong way more than he's right. Don't forget that Dungy was the best coach in the NFL according to Borges. How have they done without him? Moore, Peyton and Polian coached that team then and they still do. Caldwell is a soldier, a good one, just like Dungy was, but the buck doesn't stop at his office. Polian runs that team off the field, while Moore and Manning run it on the Field as long as it doesn't conflict with Polian's wishes. 
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    Re: Why does Ron Borges exist?

    Well Lawyer was gone and they only kept him that long because of the amount of $ they would have owed him. This year I believe we would have owed Maroney 2.1 mill, I think it was almost double if we let Lawyer go before we did. And he brings up a good point about guys like Merriweather and Mayo. People are afraid to criticise them because of their age and it hurts to think of a wasted draft pick. And some people dont like criticise them because it means we have bad players, these people are homers. And some are like "hey were stuck with em'", that type of thinking. I mean it was obvi. how terrible the angles Merriweather would take and sometimes you cant ignore the obvi. I was thinking the same thing about Mayo all year that he pointed out today. Mayo was beatin getting to the edge, didnt do a great job getting off blocks like in the Texans game, he was beat in both accounts. And maybe most concerning was how he wasnt wrapping up and was to slow getting to the POA and hitting the hole to meet backs. I hope it was because of injury because I really like 51, believe it or not but I called the Pats trading up to get him and even who they would do it with. I was hoping they would take him for most of the year, so believe me I hope hes the stud that I thought and still think he is. I hear ya about Borges though, I really do. He seems like one of those guys that knows hes ugly and figures he thinks hes smarter than everyone else. Hes still about 10 levels away from Felger though, now there is a guy should pray to what ever god he believes in for having a job. Hes the chit that is the dogchit sandwhich of Mazz/Felger!!!

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    Re: Why does Ron Borges exist?

    He likes to stir the pot but he knows more about football than any of the Globe writers.  I've found his report cards to be dead on this yr.
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    Re: Why does Ron Borges exist?

    Know this, if Brady is unhappy with the contract we would be the last to know.  he's not that type of person, he will handle things internally and not let that be a distraction even in the offseason. 
    He will be a Patriot, he will get paid.  He has restructured his contract before to allow FA signing.  I'm not saying he's not looking for market value but he's also IMO not looking to be the highest paid QB in the league.
    He's the face of this franchise and a lot of us think he's the key to regain ellite status.  Do you think Krafts can let this guy walk away?
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    Re: Why does Ron Borges exist?

    The Felgers and the Borges of the Boston sports world are paid to be contrarian and unfiltered.  Borges has never had a shortage of opinions, and he throws so many of them out there that some of them inevitably prove to be correct.  In defense of old Ronnie, I'd take a guy who tells it like he sees it any day over some of the sycophant sports guys that cannot bring themselves to criticize their sports hereos because they are too close to them (WEEI Big Show anyone -- when is the last time that crew asked Bill Belichick a hard question?). 

    I think it's healthy for there to be differences of opinion in life, I think it gets us closer to the truth.  The only bad thing is that guys like Borges and Felger attract the lowest common denominator Boston sports fan who thinks he knows better than everbody and that every team has to win it all every year.

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    Re: Why does Ron Borges exist?

    If Brady's mansion gets put on the market maybe I'll believe him. It's the media: they fellate you when things are going great, but they turtle at the first sign adverserial conditions and turn to contemplating chicken little scenarios. Brady could be franchised and given a three year deal with a player option on the 4th. Anyone that thinks Kraft won't take care of the one player that made his franchise an enormous success is somewhat deluded. Brady will be given whatever he wants and he has not complained in the past. This is usually just speculation on the part of the media. I think Gasper hit some nails when he discussed Wilfork, Bodden and the need for rush OLB. He was reiterating what most on this board were saying anyway; he just gets paid for doing his job.

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    Re: Why does Ron Borges exist?

    As entertaining as he may be at times....he is a POT STIRRER no doubt.  It stems backyears ago when he ws emabarassed by .... I think Parcells....for some of the stupid questions he would ask.

    That said, he stirs the pot differently than Felger.  With Felger, he practically smiles and chooses an opposite stance....just to do it.   Whereas, Borges is more coy about it.  It's more personal with him.  Yesterday on the DA show on 98.5, he was commenting on the issue regarding BB's lack of support among his assistant coaches, guys willing to stand up to him as in the days of Weis and Crennel.  This conversation morphed into Bill O'Brien and the lack of creativity.  Then in the same breath he was ALSO saying it's the talent.  He used the old cliche..."it's not the X's and O's, but it's the Jimmy's and the Joe's".  He then finished by saying it's the state of the franchise as he's seen this occur with all the great teams of the past....Pittsburgh, SF and Dallas when their core vets aged.  His point here made sense....the team ages, you patch here you patch there, next thing you know the real core guys age (i.e. Bradshaw, Montana/Young and Aikman) and the run is over.  Listening I was confused.  What's his point.....coaching or lack thereof...or talent, failure to add new talent?  So he essentially just listed every possible reason.  That's what I don't like about him.  No substance.  I'd rather he gives us what the main reason is not gloss over all three like that. 

    We all miss Will McDonough.  He was the only one who would dig, make calls, research, and then write or talk a story that would truly analyze what the issues/problems are. 

    Regarding the current state of the Pat's...it's talent.  On defense, young, lost alot of vets.  On Offense, mix of talent, and injuries.  By mix, I mean that the combo of Moss and Welker....is far far greater than their individual worth.  By himself as we've seen, Moss is still pretty good, but not the elite standalone threat.  Same thing with Welker, he's darn good, but he a slot receiver, not a constant deep threat.  Together they make a great team.  

    I would think the offense, even with welker out is repairable.  Defense needs work.  Coaching, I think is the least of their worries.  Personnel selection could improve.  Shouldn't some of that blame go to Pioli's Organization and his people?  

    I guess we'll never know.  Maybe Pioli, the college Personnel guy and the Pro personnel guy suggested all the right players and BB can overrule.  Dunno.  If he has final say over all the analysis so be it.  But I think BB is too smart to ignore all that advice and analysis.  To me it's been a collective shift to overstating this "value" concept over "talent". 

    Parcells once said....if the team is constituted of mostly 4th rounders ...you become a mediocre team.  You need a few stars and to me that's where they have missed the past couple of years.  This is clearly documented by our local writers so it's no surprise.  Just the state of the situation as it exists right now.
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    Re: Why does Ron Borges exist?

    also.....Borges was ripping the coach and the Pats all year in the paper and then was on television the other night saying....the fans looked bad booing the team so fast in the game.
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    Re: Why does Ron Borges exist?

    Borges' purpose is exactly what is happening here; getting attention. Remember, there's no such thing as bad publicity!
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    Re: Why does Ron Borges exist?

    borges is a ho mo.  send this fool to new york.  i cant stand listening to him. hes like a broken record that just says outragously stupid comments again and again.  felger too. i used to not mind him until last year he called the Celtics losing to the magic in 7 underhanded, a failure and the bruins losing to the hurricans in game 7 a valiant effort.

    so moronic and i feel like a moron listening to them at any point. if i wasnt totally bored on sunday nights, id never watch that sunday night sports show on csn.

    i miss the days of gary and greg. forget these jokes.  i hate feeling like im watching espn while watching local news.  im a fan. im biased. i want them to give me the positive outlook. leave the gossip to espn.

    last game Felger called Cedrick Maxwell and all Celtics "cry babies" and i swear felger is lucky he was in the studio and Maxwell was in the Garden because Maxwell was sooooo pissed.  he had a look on his face that could kill. Im convinced he would have knocked felger out in person. 
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    Re: Why does Ron Borges exist?

    Ron Borges is a complete joke. He has a blatant obsessive agenda against Belichick and the Patriots. He has no qualms about ignoring facts, fabricating them, and making a complete a** out of himself.

    He is a plagiarist and a disgrace to his profession. No reputable paper would hire him. And some of you may not like Felger. I'm not crazy about him. But there is no comparison between him and Borges. Borges is in a legaue of his own. Complete dirtbag.