Why I have Confidence in Secondary this year...

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    Why I have Confidence in Secondary this year...

    Well, the 12 Million Dolla Man has a lot to do with it.  Just him being here elevates our secondary instantly but I did not know until last week about his workouts with new teamates in Arizona. This is a very underrated aspect of team building. Mayo has done a good job of hanging out with guys from his group but its been a while since Rodney Harrison was here. He also liked to hang out with his secondary mates off the field to build trust and chemistry.


    All of the guys that went out there should come back better and play with more confidence knowing an All Pro guy of Revis' caliber has their back. This was exciting to read.




    As part of making sure he would gel with his new team, Revis invited several teammates to Arizona for offseason conditioning and workouts.


    "A bunch of guys came out – Devin McCourty, Logan Ryan, Tavon [Wilson]," Revis said. "They came out and we just worked. We busted our butts off, and it was good for us to be out there and get more camaraderie with each other and just hang out with each other every day. We were out there for four months. That was great. It brings more chemistry to the secondary, and guys were willing to do it."


    Revis acknowledged spending time with some of the defensive players this summer helped acclimate him more with the Patriots system heading into camp.


    "I remember when we were in OTAs, I said I had to take a step back to learn the terminology and those types of things," Revis said. "These guys have been here for a couple years, and you’ve got to take a step back. It’s a new system for me. It’s different from what I’ve played in the past. It’s good to be around those guys as much as I can to learn and get feedback from them and also ask them questions."


    "We’re closer; we’re closer as teammates, but also as friends," he added. "We can joke with nobody having attitude or taking it personally. It’s just building that camaraderie by going out to Phoenix and spending time together as much as we can and get stronger as friends but also as a secondary






    If These guys can stay healthy, gel and communicate back there, the Sky is the limit. With help from the front seven, BB should finally be able to field a top notch secondary once again, similar to 2003.




    For my Money, Revis and J.Collins are gonna be the most impactful players from week to week. I think Collins if used the right way has a chance to be Great here. Mayo being the glue. Hightower staying in on 3rd downs to rush the passer. Could see some 3-4. I like the possibilities.

    Offense??  I aint worried bout' nothing. They can take a step back to middle of the pack for all I care. This D is gonna Dominate!




    "A lot of bookies are probably mad at us right now, but we don't give a damn, ... We're the champs!!"


    Ty Law after his team defeated the Rams in SB 36.

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    Re: Why I have Confidence in Secondary this year...

    We should have a lot of confidence in the secondary this year.

    • McCourty has shown when he hasn't had to do it all he can be a top FS in the league
    • Revis is still a top 5 CB in the league and is an excellent 1v1 man taking pressure off McCourty to cover both sides
    • Browner is a good-great press corner who has size to cover the larger receivers in the league. Something we've been missing
    • Ryan showed good progress last year and should squeeze Arrington to a more money role which is better for Arrington long term

    There's a lot to be excited for. SS still has question marks but that's 1 DB out of 5 usually on the field. I don't mind that at all.

    Trust me, I'm an engineer!

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    Re: Why I have Confidence in Secondary this year...


     Yes, Revis is huge, but there were lots of positive signs with the other players last year as Eng points out.  When you add Browner, Dennard, Ryan, and Arrington, we've got superb depth at the corner.


    I think safety is thinner, but McCourty will be excellent with such good corners around him, and personnally I thought Harmon showed good flashes last year.  Chung and Wilson add some possibile depth at SS.


    I hear some of the rookies are showing well too.  A lot to be positive about--even for a realist who's cautious to say any player is going to contribute until the player actually has shown that ability in games.  The thing about this group is we have evidence from past performance in real games they can play and there are few age or injury caveats to add right now.


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    Re: Why I have Confidence in Secondary this year...

    In response to ronk1's comment:

    I think the depth acrued in the backfield is going to make it extremely difficult for some of the young guys to get on the roster, or the PS. I have to think even a ST whiz like Ebner will be on the bubble as well.

    Many can criticize the age factor of key players, or drafting Easly and Grap, but at the end of the day, you have to hand it to BB. THis may be his deepest team in his entire tenure here...yes, even more so than his SB teams. Simply more talent top to bottom now, more than ever

    Thanks BB

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    Not sure I'd call it his deepest team, but certainly he's deepest secondary ever. Really adding Revis and Browner changes everything about the secondary from a position of weakness to one of strength. The reason I don't say it's the deepest yet is because there is still a massive question mark over DE's. Past Nink and Jones we still don't know what Smith is going to give, Bequette hasn't shown anything, Buchanan has to make a massive jump from last year to be considered good depth, and Moore is going to take some time. At DT, the 3 main starters all coming off major injures and there was a pretty big drop off in production after the starters went down last year. At LB past the top 4 is just one big question mark at this point. Really it could go either way and we'll have to see but I would still say the 03' and 04' teams were much deeper at least in the front 7 though I gladly say this secondary looks much better than those years secondaries on paper.

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    Re: Why I have Confidence in Secondary this year...

    I think if you DONT have confidence in this secondary, you're nuts.


    I think its blatently obvious we have at least a Top 5 secondary maybe Top 3.

    Revis - best CB in the league, or debatable

    Bronwer - known to be one of the most physical CBs in the league and very good man up CB

    DMC - very good safety, one of the best in the league and the two guys above will only make him better

    Fonzie Dennard - young and still getting better. has his limits but is a very good scrappy cover guy on small-to-medium WRs

    Logan Ryan - showed a lot of promise last season and if he continues to grow his knack of finding the football will be huge.

    Kyle Arrington - while has some serious limitations, he is a very good slot CB

    Duron Harmon/ Tavon Wilson - I see one of the two starting at SS this season. Harmon showed promise last season. Wilson idk.


    That secondary is hard to NOT like. It's loaded

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    Re: Why I have Confidence in Secondary this year...

    You can have all the confidence in the World, without healthy defensive tackles the defense will be as weak as last year after Vince and Kelly fell.  Teams will run all over us, our defense will crowd the line of scrimmage and the opponent will beat us with play action, we'll have little to no pass rush... it all starts upfront.  If healthy we should be able to do something special.

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    Re: Why I have Confidence in Secondary this year...

    ...because Ty Law said so. Enough for me.