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Why I wouldn't draft these players...

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    Why I wouldn't draft these players...

    These are some of the players people are "jonesing" (sp) for that I wouldn't draft and why... These reasons are from so called draft experts everywhere. Kind of an amalgam of negatives.

    QB Tim Tebow, Florida: It's not just the fact that he is changing his mechanics its the fact that he had to!

    RB Jonathan Dwyer, Georgia Tech: Looks like a potential power back super star with identical 1,395-yard rushing seasons in 2008 and 2009. Can he gain the same type of yardage away from Paul Johnson's triple-option?  Add to that his 40 times are slow.

    TE Jimmy Graham, Miami:  Graham played mostly basketball for the Hurricanes, with just one season of football at the collegiate level. He is a work out warrior and with the one good year he had teams are thinking they found the next Gates or Gonzalez from the BB court to the gridiron.

    WR Dez Bryant, Oklahoma State: From what I hear Bryant has been taken off several draft boards altogether because of maturity and work ethic questions.  And still someone will take him by the middle of round one.

    DE Jason Pierre-Paul, South Florida: The one that scares me the most because he so looks like a Patriot type OLB. Sure he has amazing 0-60 speed from the snap but he is another player with just one season to judge as he had Junior college experience previous to last season.  From what I read he is very tallented and has mostly straight line speed so stunts tend to stop him cold. not great in space or as a run stopper (sounds like Tully Banta Cain).

    DE Carlos Dunlap, Florida: At 6-foot-6 and 280 pounds, and able to run a legit sub-4.7 40, Dunlap has the physical tools to dominate at any level. However, his tendency to rely too much on that size and not enough on technique may leave him ill-qualified to deal with NFL tackles who will be far less impressed with Dunlap's ability to lunge around a bad block. Also his DUI arrest four days before the SEC title game tells me he is not the character guy the Patriots would want to draft.

    So... any concerns? or thoughts?

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    Re: Why I wouldn't draft these players...

    I agree with all except Dunlap, maybe I'm just giving him a pass because I like his play and thought he was exactly physical type the pats coveted.  But a lot of really strong or fast college players rely less on technic in college because they can, as long as their coachable and hard working they can be dominant in pro level.  The DUI thing was stupid, it's a bad decision thing, seems to be an isolated incident. 

    Off topic but I saw merriwether at the braintree mall today nobody was bothering him, he walked right by me.  He's taller and bigger in person, I remember when I saw willie clay milloy law at a casino in New Orleans when we lost the super bowl to GB, they were little guys.
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    Re: Why I wouldn't draft these players...

    Wonderlic Tebow is down.  Dez is down. 

    Jimmy Graham is up in my book.  BB brought Steve Neal, a college wrestler, into Foxboro.  Neal couldn't even put on his football padding.  Now he's one of the NFL's best guards.  Then BB drafted a quarterback with no college quarterbacking experience whatsoever, almost a national joke, Matt Cassel.  Finally, the best Patriots wide receiver on the field last January, Julian Edelman, had never played wide receiver before.  So, you say this guy played basketball and has great measurables but only one year of college experience?  BB is getting ready to take him.

    Pierre-Paul has two great attributes:  arms so long they never end, and some short-range quickness.  The arms mean that no defensive lineman can lock onto him, so he can eventually slide past the defensive lineman and bother the quarterback.  His weakness, lack of experience, is less of an issue in Foxboro.  BB expects many of his players to sit out a year.

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    Re: Why I wouldn't draft these players...

    I think there should be a modification:

     Don't draft these players too high.  I think Graham, for example, would be a great project tight end in the 4th round or onward.

    Obviously, he probably wouldn't be able to contribute immediately.
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    Re: Why I wouldn't draft these players...

    i not draft any of them too high.

    that said, nick, i think 4th is still to high for graham. ne likes block-first te's and does not use a pure pass-catching te. the latter is what graham is, with his little experience in football. and i don't think te blocking skills and technique are easy to learn - probably take years. lack of technique, combined with a 260 body that has a very high center of gravity, he'll get run over or pushed back to tb.

    by the 6th round, i'd take a risk on a project like that. teach him blocking for a full year, and get him on a program to gain 15 more pounds, he'd be scary.
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    Re: Why I wouldn't draft these players...

    i think jpp is overrated. he may turn out to be a good lb, but he is currently not good enough right now to warrant a top 15 pick.