Why I'm Disappointed...

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    Im dissapointed that Austin Collie is put out there to make a difference with TB.

    Manning throwing to Decker, Thomas, Welker, Thomas.

    Brady throwing to Slater, Mulligan, Collie and Edleman.

    Edleman just became reliable THIS year. Collie was laughed at when he was released last year. LAUGHED AT!!!  Slater hasnt had a pass thrown to him ALL YEAR.

    BB thought Collie was better than Dobson, KT,etc. A guy who was left for dead and noone wanted?? Thats our 2nd OPTION in the offense?!?  So can we say that BB is not happy with his return on Dobson, KT, Boyce?   and with ALL that brady still finds a way to throw for almost 300 with no pics or fumbles and eediots can fiz their mouth to say Brady is the Blame???   Wow!!!   Wait till he is gone.

    What a joke!  Get the guy just ONE WR that has sniffed a Pro Bowl....PLEASE!!

    Danny is a BUM!  The MO, larry, Curly offense aint gonna cut it. Kudos to Edleman for overachieving but this team is MaXED out!  Time to trade away all assets and build a real TEAM for Brady to work with in his last 2 years...or BBs legacy is gonna take a hit.


    KT was inactive because of the concussion.  Boyce is on IR.  Perhaps Dobson was on a snap count because of his injured foot.  The fact is that when those guys were healthy they played ahead of Collie.  The only person here blaming Brady is Rusty.  That is par for the course.


    That could be true. I thought initially none of them were active as I only saw Collie, Danny and Eds out there for the 1st 4 series. My thing is this is the AFFCG, we aint got time to save players. If Dobson was on a limited snaps count, PLAY HIM EARLY! why are we throwing a jump ball to 5'10" Slater with a 6'4" guy on the bench that can fly? He came in anyways so to me he was there as an emergency and the pats staff thought they were gonna run on Denver. I mean to really put Collie and Slater into a gameplan, playaction or not its kind of like waiving the white flag IMO. KT could have dressed but BB went with his vets.

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    Re: Why I'm Disappointed...

    when will the pink hats realized that winning the super bowl every year is not a sucsessful season. the pats did a great job this season and with the return of the ir players we should be in good shape. also are the pink hats going to call out the red sox if they don't win the world series this year?

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    Re: Why I'm Disappointed...

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    yes, we should've lost. we were the underdogs going in anyway. But, we had a chance to win this game. We did. If we came out with better gameplans offensively and defensively I think there was a chance.

    And I

    'm disappointed because the way we lost, one. and that this is another year lost for BB and TB to get another ring. The way we lost was horrible. just hated watching that game from play one. you could tell from play one it didnt look good.


    and I hate people walking around here saying we are all "spolied fans". we get all upset and call for heads after two AFCC game losses. but guess what???

    yeah I'm upset! We have people on this board who claim BB is the greatest GM and HC of all time and we have people who claim TB is the greatest QB of all time too! (now I agree on greatest HC and QB, not GM we need Pioli back to help him)

    So with that being said we should be producing CHAMPIONSHIPS... if these two are the greatest ever at GM/HC/QB then where are the rings?

    Yeah, it sounds really spoiled of me to be saying this but guess what if we have the greatest in BB and TB then we should be producing rings.

    If we didn't have this HC or QB then my expectation would drop completely and I would be happy with winning the Division or even just a win in general, but we have them both. who are apparently the greatest.

    if we are going to claim that BB is the greatest GM and HC and TB is the greatest QB these two need to get a team around them to get a ring or the Patriot reign isnt the same...


    just my two cents, like I said, once one of them leaves my expectations would drop a ton and any form of success would make me proud of my team!


    I don't know why people thought we should have come out throwing. Once I saw playaction without any run game, I conceded defeat right then and there. It's like clockwork with Brady.   What was it, 3rd and 2 and he reared back for a deep ball to Slater? Why?  Who does this?  Who kidnapped Brady?

    My lone fear was the McDaniels/Brady ego up against Gomer and it proved to be true. Again.  Brady wants to show he can put up the stats with Gomer, so he took the bait.

    The only good news is he didn't throw any INTs.

    35+ passes and there you go.  Leave it to Brady and McDaniels to pull the plug on a beastly run game that had worked so well for a month.  Blount and Ridley are probably wondering what they did wrong in practice to deserve the benching.

    Really shocked at Weker's cheapshot, too. I know he wants to win, but he'll never be welcomed back in Foxborough ever again, that's for sure.

    Once Talib couldn't come back, there you go.   I don't think I've seen a team play in a conf title game with almost an an entire second string starting like that. Overall, amazing year to battle into that position.

    BB should win COTY and the Exec of the Year w/Caserio, regardless. Pioli was never the GM here.  NOr is Caserio.  I don't know why people are so confused by this.

    Injuries or cheapshots on our players have nothing to do with a GM.

    I can't understand why they put the run game away so easily. Part of establishing a run game is hammering away and wearing the opposition down.  Seattle kept at it with Lynch even though Sanfran stopped him early and seattle were behind. If Brady had the receivers Manning does then yes go to the passing game but he didn't. Can't understand it. Whoever called that play on 3rd and 3 on the second series to Slater needs to be held accountable for that. One of the worst examples of play calling I have ever seen

    Agree on the Slater call; redux of the same play from previous playoff games that didn't work then. Insanity is doing the same thing again and expecting different results.

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    Re: Why I'm Disappointed...

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    when will the pink hats realized that winning the super bowl every year is not a sucsessful season. the pats did a great job this season and with the return of the ir players we should be in good shape. also are the pink hats going to call out the red sox if they don't win the world series this year?

    Are you really from New England? The goal is and always will be Championships. These teams represent titletown. It's one of the reasons the rest of the country despises us. But it doesnt' mean we don't enjoy the journey and appreciate the blood, sweat, and tears poured into the product. We understand. We know what it took. We know how bad it was before. And we know that mediocrity will be back again when the greats cant do it anymore. It's not about fandom or pinkhats, it's about moving on and going back to the drawing board and sharing with each other what we believe it takes to get the next one while we still can.