Why is Gillette so quiet?

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    Re: Why is Gillette so quiet?

    Nope, moved to Toronto before I ever got a chance to go there and moved back after it was torn down. I know what you mean about the old barns being louder though, MLG was much louder than the Garden (aside from that one finals game) and the Air Canada Centre which replaced it. Calgary and Edmonton got really loud too, basically all the Canadian hockey teams fans are pretty raucous. I can't get on youtube at work unfortunately, I'll check out that video later.

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    Re: Why is Gillette so quiet?

    had tickets to see led zepplin in the old boston garden in 1976...sadly we fans got crazy (mini riot tore up the place) and they cancelled the event... that would have been my dream event to attend for sure... went to many a bruins game back in the day of orr/espo/hodge.etc.etc...and many more when wplm's john campbell owned that radio station and broadcast both the redsox and the bruins... sat right behind home plate blazin away back in the day with no repurcussions... you could do the same at gillette...sometimes staties would look at you but never did nothin...

    i used to go to the horse and carriage races at gillette back in the day... and when we were teenagers we would go to all the games...without tickets... yes way rowdier back in the day...just crazy times... way louder....

    some poster said he cant yell like he used to but that is just the inflection of your voice...  the only difference would be you might have a stroke now....(lol)  I can remember going to games.... and my whole body was affected by the time i got home by how much i yelled and how loud...(lol)
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    Re: Why is Gillette so quiet?

    it was just a differnt time... a differnt mentaility.. they werent all caught up in security like they are now... in the late seventies... I can remember bein out drinkin all night and we went to a mcdonalds or somewhere open late back then (all nite or somethin) and the driver of the car was hammered and couldnt hardly walk never mind drive and there was a cop on duty and he seen the dude and said havent you had a little to much to drink... he told us to go straight home...
    after wwe got our food...

    back then i was a pool installer ...and john campbell was very connected to the bruins and the redsox... he had a bad heart and like to swim and we installed and indoor and an outdoor pool for him at his radio station in plymouth... so I met alot of bruins..and teddy kennedy once too... we used to get free tickets to those games all the time... free nice!

    i think hawk harrelson was doing the games back then.... though...  when we went to "foxboro" or shaefer stadium... we would park in the back of the western parking lot. where the mall is now kinda..sometimes there would be 20 or 30 of us or more... you couldnt leave after the game...unless you wanted to sit in your car....so we would have another cook out and get hammered some more... we would take the empty liquor bottles and put them on a rock...and then everyone would put a buck in a pool and we would throw rocks at them until someone hit it and broke it...to win the money...im laughing right now thinking about it....
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