In Response to Re: Why is it that everytime the Pats lose, you guys act like the sky is falling?:
In Response to Re: Why is it that everytime the Pats lose, you guys act like the sky is falling? : There's only so much the D can do.  They can't stop everything.  Time of possession is just as much on the offense for not sustaining drives.  BB successfully implemented a low scoring defensive gameplan and counted on his offense to score as it usually does.  It didn't work, but isn't it a relief to know the problem is on the offensive side of the ball, where we know we have the ability to get a lot better?
Posted by mighty2011

Yes you are right that there is only so much a D can do but lets actually break down the drives:

Pit - 11 plays - 5:52 ToP - TD
Pit - 10 plays - 7:47 ToP - FG
Pit - 3 plays - 1:16 ToP - int
Pit - 10 plays - 5:39 ToP - TD
Pit - 4 plays - :28 ToP - Half
Pit - 14 plays - 7:06 ToP - FG
Pit - 11 plays - 5:54 ToP - FG
Pit - 6 plays - 2:45 ToP - Missed FG (almost a gimme kick shanked)
Pit - 8 plays - 2:18 ToP - punt
Pit - 1 play - :08 ToP - end of game

Take away the end of half and end of game plays and you are left with a single stop with an int, a missed FG, and a drive meant to kill the clock at the end of the game. Pit scored at will on plays that lasted more then 5mins and more then 10 plays per drive. They didn't have a single 3 and out and with the exception of the int they didn't make a single stop that didn't result in either points or a missed FG by the kicker. If 1 of those 5+ min FG drives was stop with a 3 and out the Pats would of had last possession with about 4 mins left on the clock and down by 1 score. This is what I mean. They don't need to be perfect and stop every drive but they have to make more then 1 stop a game and can't give up 5+ min 10+ play drives on every drive

To go one step further take the end of game, end of half, and the last clock killing drive as those aren't meant to score type of drives and you have Pitt either scoring or in  position to score (missed FG) on 6 out of 7 drives. Thank god for that int otherwise I have no doubt they would have at least scored another FG. I don't think asking the D to make 2-3 score preventing stops a game without giving up a lot of time and giving good field position to the O is a lot to ask.