Why Is John Clayton Such A Weenie?

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    Why Is John Clayton Such A Weenie?

    If you want to barf out your entire digestive tract before turkey, read John Clayton's absurd piece on the Patriots-Saints game.

    It is so awful...you think Gaspar wrote it.

    If he thinks the Patriots have "more pressure on them" than the Saints, this must be his first day on the job.

    Ask the Patriots how much pressure they felt in week #11 in 2007 when they were 10-0.  They wouldn't admit it, but you know they are playing for a 5-1 finish and a 1st-round bye..this game means almost nothing, and, because it is an out-of-conference game, it doesn't mean dick in the standings.

    What a stupid, amateurish piece of writing.

    But this is coming from an simpleton that has the Patriots ranked #12 on his absurd "Power Rankings."

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    Re: Why Is John Clayton Such A Weenie?

    Clayton is an overt simpleton -- there's no denying that -- and he's gotten exponentially worse since TMZSPN fired the guy who used to slap him around on a regular basis . . .   that being Sean Salisbury. You're absolutely correct in pointing out that this game is essentially meaningless. The Saints have already clinched, for all intents and purposes, and the Pats' big game is next week in Miami. But the first word in ESPN is "entertainment," lest we forget, and it's also important to remember that where there is no hype, there is no advetising revenue.

    I haven't been watching . . .   and you shouldn't be either . . .  

    but have they brought back that ridiculous "Who Dat?" thing yet?