Why is the media all over this Tebow to the Patriots thing?

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    Re: Why is the media all over this Tebow to the Patriots thing?

    Quick . . .

    Name the last (U of) Florida quarterback who did anything at all in the NFL?

    Rex Grossman won a Super Bowl...for the Colts!!!

    But you are right. Gator QBs historically are at best serviceable backups in the big league. Tebow could learn the right techniques. But he would have to be the type of guy someone built an offense around. As for where he'll go in the draft, well I have different thoughts. There are 32 teams, and I could see one of them taking a "flier" with a high pick. Most likely a team who has nobody to speak of at the position. A couple possibilities come up. The Broncos and Redskins are teams who have no "lock" for a starter and are unlikely to trade up for one of the top guys. McDaniels and Shanahan are both offensive guys who like to develop young QBs. Maybe one of them sees something in Tebow we don't. Then there's Cleveland. Holmgren is an offensive guy, and may just be waiting until 2011 to hire Gruden. They could "break him in" under Mangina and John could do the finish work on him in a year. Not saying it will happen, but all it takes is one guy to really think he's got potential to give it a shot. I think he could be a good QB, but he needs good coaching...and some skill playmakers around him so he won't get killed running the ball! In any case I think he'll go by the second round. The kid does have the intangibles, and he's intelligent. Not fool-proof, but that helps. If he can take some coaching (and has a good coach to teach him) he could develop into a good starter. I doubt BB will take a shot, there's so much needs to be done on the defense! But if he was there in the third, who knows? And anything the talking heads say about NE is 95% speculation or wishful thinking. Sometimes these guys make wild guesses on the off chance they're right! It will be interesting to watch. Whoever does take him I hope they don't throw him to the wolves right away. He needs some polishing before he's ready to start, at least with his mechanics and decision making. He does a great interview, and is quite charismatic. I can see other players who would follow his lead. But it takes more than just the intangibles to be a consistent winner at this level. There are no "gimme" games in the NFL...unless you play the Lions!
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    Re: Why is the media all over this Tebow to the Patriots thing?

    Tebow is as much a media incarnation as a football player. He's getting more press (arguably) than any college football player since Herschel Walker. The only way BB drafts him is to parlay that into more picks. You watch, if he falls on draft day, the media will be all over that like a fat kid on a smartie....in disbelief. After Dunlop, Spikes, Haden, he could be the forth Gator taken.