Fair enough Breezer. OTA's not mini camp. My point here is that if Brady at 40 is in a situation where he is on the fence of coming back for another long greuesome NFL (18 game) season or spending time with his family, then I would hope we would give him as long as he needed.

With that said I am not comparing Brady to Favre as I think he is 10x the man Favre is but that still doesn't take away from what Favre has accomplished and the fact that he deserves some respect.

I may be against the general opinion on this board that Favres HOF career will take a shot due to the length of time he took to make a decision on playing football at 41 years old but so be it. To each his own. I think he will be enshrined in 5 years from whenever he retires and there will be little to no mention of his lengthy decision making process. Just a guess.