Why no timeouts at the end???

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    Re: Why no timeouts at the end???

     I bet the entire Washington offence was waiting for the Pats to call a time out. 
      Then all of a sudden the play clock is running down and they have to run a simple quick slant over the middle, which as we all saw was well covered.
        BB had Tracy White playing man coverage and Mayo playing zone over the middle.  
       Shanahan was clever to send Moss instead of a tightend on that short route but with such a compressed field Tracy White was all over Moss as soon as he caught the ball and used his LB power to knock the ball louse.

     I think BB knew Shanahan was going to run that play and felt he had the right defence called.. Why would he call a time out give Shanahann a chance to remember how bad our DBs are compared to our LBs.
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    Re: Why no timeouts at the end???

    In Response to Re: Why no timeouts at the end???:
    I understand your question, but the answe is this; why call a TO and give a mediocre QB like Grossman the opportunity to go to the sideline, regroup, and get the play and extra guidance from the coaches? It sounds bizarre saying this, but BB was trusting his D to make a red zone stop! Wow cant believe I even typed that.....
    Posted by Quagmire3

    I understand your answer, but I disagree. As I recall, Wash had at least one, if not two timeouts left of their own. They used one at 1:15 I believe, after the PI penalty and could have used it earlier if they thought they needed to give Grossman extra guidance. The way their offense was moving, though, it didn't seem that they needed that. If anything a timeout by us would have given our D the opportunity to regroup and get extra guidance. Lord knows, it looked like we needed it. And why would BB be any less trusting (ugh) of his D after a timeout. All it would have done was give TB the time he needed to drive for a fieldgoal if they needed it. I agree with the poster who said that BB didn't really answer this correctly in his presser. If Wash had scored I believe they'd have gone for two, and quite possibly would have made it and we would have had probably less than 30 seconds left to respond. Not a good scenario. There was much more to be gained by keeping time on the clock than from preventing Grossman to speak to his coaches, IMO.