My original post actually used Asomogha as an example. My last question was who could we get? Of course he's unavailable; but not everyone is unavailable. This is NOT a championship defense. Maybe when Mayo returns fell strength he's enough but I'm getting to the point with this team where I'd like to see some NOW instead of NEXT YEAR. Seymour's trade gives hope for the future, how about now?

We can debate over the merits of who the Pats should bring in all day long. My feeling is a good corner offers the fastest return on investment. Tighter coverage leads to better pass rush. We'll never get anyone good as a pass rusher; its one of the highest paid positions in football because there aren't a lot of great ones out there and no one is stupid enough to give the Pats one. Receivers are a dime a dozen so they'll probably grab a JAG if they really feel they need one.

For everyone here who are realists tell me who is available at RB or pass rusher that's available. I thought so. Now think about all the DBs out there sitting the bench or otherwise we could have. A dime a dozen position with plenty of available players. Bodden needs some help defensing the pass not another hard hitter.