Why not re-sign Lloyd???

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    Re: Why not re-sign Lloyd???

    Lloyd is not coming back here.  There is no market for him and he was open to coming back at reduced pay.  I thought it was about the money when they cut him, but I think at this point it is safe to say something else is going on.

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    Re: Why not re-sign Lloyd???

    In response to RidingWithTheKingII's comment:

    In response to danemcmenamin's comment:


    In response to RidingWithTheKingII's comment:


    How about this on draft day?

    1. Jesse Williams Rd 1 (DT Alabamie).

    2. Quinton Patton WR, LA Tech Rd 2.

    3. WR Earl Bennett (trade with Chicago) for 3rd rder.

    4. Trade Mallet for a 2nd (take Kiko Alonso LB Oregon)

    You get your DT, WR and coverage 4-3 LB of the future all before the 4th rd (yes, I realize we currently have no 4th rounder).

    Maybe trade a player off to get a mid rder (5th).




    Rusty do you not feel it's a bit ridiculous that we have 2 1st rounders and a 2nd rounder at MLB and you're still proposing we draft another not to mention the oldest of the 3 is 27. Can these skills not be developed rather than using another pick on an MLB?



    Not necessarily. Each of our LBs has a varying skill set.


    Next, you want leverage in the Spikes negotiations, assumign they want to keep Spikes past 2014.

    Third, Dane Fletcher is the guy in camp who will be on STs, but he's also coming off an ACL tear. If the goal is to cross off many aspects of dealing with your LB position while getting a very good STs player and a coverage LB like Alonso, then I like looking at it in the draft.

    Peopel keep whining about how bad our LB ccoverage is (it's not that bad at all, but an improvement would benefit the middle part of the field with Adrian Wilson's presence too), so adding a draft pick in this area is something to consider, Macmenimin.

    I find it comical that yout think this logic is "ridiculous". 


    My point was that we don't need another MLB the one's we have are good-great players and the skills should be developed. Drafting another is overkill in my opinion and I feel there are more pressing issues. Thanks for the reply though constructive as usual, why are you even here?

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    Re: Why not re-sign Lloyd???

    I have to agree, Lloyd seems to have a lack of speed and BB obviously knows something more than what the Media knows. Too bad really, seems the Pats just chan't get a Golden Receiver! Let the Bodys hit the floor, One - Nothing wrong with me
    Two - Nothing wrong with me
    Three - Nothing wrong with me
    Four - Nothing wrong with me.................. PICK A WIDE RECEIVER ALREADY! LETS GO! Yell STOMMPER HELPPPPPP! 

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    Re: Why not re-sign Lloyd???

    Lloyd put up Decent numbers but can anyone on the board remember any catch that was a difference maker-it seems like all his carches wre generic and didn't change the game for the better other thaN A COUPLE OF FIRST DOWNS. pLUS HE'S A MENTAL CASE WITH HIS BI-POLAR - DROVE A LOT OF TEAM MATES BONKERS! Sorry for the caps hit it without looking - too lazy to go back and re-do.

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    Re: Why not re-sign Lloyd???

    I'm not sure I think it's a great idea to bring back a guy who is rumoured to have a difficult personality and who may resent the team for not paying him his bonus.  I worry about the effect on locker room chemistry if Lloyd has a chip on his shoulder because of the way he was treated. Of course, I don't know for sure what Lloyd is really like, but that would be my fear from what I've read and from what actually happened to him this offseason.  

    In addition, while Lloyd was better than any other outside receiver the Pats had last year, he wasn't really that impressive.  He made some nice acrobatic back-shoulder catches along the sidelines, but did little else, had almost no YAC, and was inconsistent catching the ball even along the sidelines.  I much prefer addressing the WR position with one of our top picks in the draft and, for depth, with some late-round picks, rookie free agents, or lower profile veterans available after the draft or during camp.