Prior to the draft when Tebow was coming out of college the Pats brought him in for an interview and I remember reading an article after that about how they were interviewing him about Hernandez.   Remember, Hernandez was his roommate at the University of Florida . . . Hernandez came to Florida from a troubled area in Bristol, CT and had been in trouble many times.  Myers, the Florida coach, roomed Hernandez up with Tebow because Hernandez was getting in his share of troubles on campus.  Tebow seemed to have some influence on him and he was pretty good his senior year . . . still teams were afraid and he dropped in the draft.  Now he has shot a guy in the face, got into a major altercation down on Thayer Street in Providence this winter (Providence cops knew who he was and helped him get out of that situation), and now he still hangs around with his old boys in the hood . . . . could the Pats have brought in Tebow in a last attempt to control Hernandez before it is too late?  Maybe now with this killing it is too late!