WHY was Woodhead the esclusive RB in OT? Worst game I've seen in a while

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    Re: WHY was Woodhead the esclusive RB in OT? Worst game I've seen in a while

    I don't understand the connections some posters make....

    If you look for opportunities for improvement = you are a troll. Every good organization knows that you need to be looking for opportunities to improve and that at no time is your performance perfect. Maybe a person saying you can do this better or wish that they had taken this approach or whatever is just looking at the problem from a different angle and seeing an opportunity to make a good team better.

    When you look at yesterday's game you cannot come away with the feeling it was a good win. It was a Win and we were lucky to get it. They did enough to put themselves into position to win but it was a lucky win. 8 out of 10 times you would lose that game. No different than if the cardinal's game would have become a W instead of a L. They made a play to put us into position to win the game at the end, but they did not play a good game.

    I believe that one thing that is going on is, we are playing to not lose. Along those lines we are playing without passion and fire. I think that BB needs to change his philosophy a little and instead of "just do your job" make it "œjust do your job with passion". A mistake made while trying to excel and win is a teaching opportunity. Making mistakes because you are unsure of what to do or afraid to make one, is a bad thing.

    Bring back the passion and the killer instinct and the occasional big play on either side of the ball. When they play aggressive and with a fire (last O drive and D stop) then they approach the Pats of old. When they run up the middle on 2nd and 20 late in the game, they are trying not to lose. A flea flicker that does no™t work is not a bad play it is a chance to do something great. They need to take chances to be great and not play the odds to not lose.

    This is a tweak to the current philosophy not a call for a revolution. Most posters are saying this when they are not satisfied with a win or a loss. Some ideas you agree with and some you won'™t the debate is fine, but not everyone disagreeing with BB or the rest of the coaches is a troll. Maybe they only want to perfect the play and outcome. They are showing "passion"

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    Re: WHY was Woodhead the esclusive RB in OT? Worst game I've seen in a while

    Well said bilbo.