Why Watch This Weekend?

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    Re: Why Watch This Weekend?

    @CaptainZdeno33... and likewise, whats it to YOU how HE feels about where the Jets and Giants play?  And it wouldn't be the Foxborough Patriots, because the team name is descriptive of the locus in which home games are played.  NEW ENGLAND.  
      I am going to watch, but only with the knowledge that anyone who does not win it all locked themselves out of the ability to sign free agents at will.  I hope the Saints take it all.  Given my choices, I guess i want the Jets to beat the Colts, just so the smarmy Colts fans have to swallow that their team basically allowed it to happen.  And since I'm no fan of the Prima Donna Farve, I'm going Saints/Jets SB with Saints the winner.  Not happy about the AFC side, but AT LEAST THE STINKING STEELERS DIDN'T MAKE IT.
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    Re: Why Watch This Weekend?

    It's really annoying ( and incorrect ) when bozo broadcasters say things like..."That's why he wanted to play here in New York". He's not playing in New York. He's playing in New Jersey. It's got nothing to do with mileage. It's geography. Also, to illustrate that I'm not the only one who notices, there used to be an emblem at the 50 yard line in Giants Stadium. It was a map of New Jersey. One of the idiot broadcasters, whose name is forgotten, referred to it as "that stupid red thing in the middle of the field". What was HIS grievance? Think he may have been a little peeved that someone was actually trying to be factual?