I have five reasons why we lost and I'll assess percentages for each and also a question.

1 - Belicheck's call.  (80%) -- That had to be the most idiotic call I have ever seen.  Indy had one timeout left.  Punt the ting.  Then use a contain to the middle of the field, giving them short stuff.  From 70 yeards out, they would not have had enough time.

2 - Belicheck's call of timeout (5%) - You can't leave yourself with no opportunity to challenge.

3 - The call for a pass. (3%)  Call a run.  Exhaust their last timeout.  Then, even with that stupid timeout call, the last play would have been after the two minute warning and reviewable.

4 - Maroney:  (10%) That fumble at the goal line.  Ugh!

5-  Refs (2%) A totally bous PI call.

Now for the question:  Why did our defense wear out and theirs didn't?