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    Are Belichick and the Patriots depicted as the evil team when they are foremost proponent of the selfless team concept?

    Why was Tom Brady the best qb  ever a season ago and now Peyton Manning is?

    Why have Pats fans gone from saying in Belichick we trust to Belichick is an egomaniac?

    Why are Boston sportswriters Colts fans?

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    Re: Why

    "Why are Boston sportswriters Colts fans?"

    Because the Globe's budget calls for underpaid schlubs who are not paid to research but to share message board caliber opinions with the world, preferably pushing buttons to keep people talking, advancing the empty conversation.
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    Re: Why


    BB irks the media by not being like say Rex Ryan.  He gives them nothing, no great stories etc, so they hate him. 
    TB had the best season ever statistically, so it was hard for them not to give him some support.  SM (Satan Manning) is now the best because the media loves him, his millions of horse faced commercials, and he had a better year this year.
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    Re: Why

    I agree that the some of the media demonize BB because he doesn't think talking to them does him any good.  He is easy to hate, and Boston media types like Ron Borges can't wait to pounce at the slightest non-issue in order to make it into an overblown story.  Borges loved Dungy and fed into the Colts vs. Pats rivalry over what seemed to be some pretty petty grudge that he holds.    

    Now that Brady is married to a supermodel he is "aloof" and "unfocused".  I'll admit that despite the decent numbers that this wasn't his best year.  His decision making in crunch time was not good.  But can we all give it a few more years before writing Brady off?  He is either 1a or 1b on the quarterback totem pole over the past decade.  So Boston fans need to acknowledge that Payton is arguably right there with Brady.  Sorry Boston fans, there is room at the top for 2 very good quarterbacks.

    As far as Bill's genius goes, the jury is out.  He built a pretty good team in the aughts and now it's clear he is rebuilding on the fly.  You don't trade Vrabel and Seymour and say goodbye to a lot of your veteran leadership without a plan to get younger.  The Patriot plan is to accumulate a lot of draft picks, which they've done.  Whether they can get the players in here to win again via the draft will have to be watched, because some drafts have been better than others.  But this team is trying to rebuild, there is no doubt of that. 

    They can't win it every year.  And this team is poised for a quick turnaround over the next few years. 

    So we all need to recognize that Bill isn't infallible and comparing Manning and Brady is not an insult to either.    

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    Re: Why

    "Why are Boston sportswriters Colts fans?"

    Ask Ted Williams.

    "SM (Satan Manning)"

    I wish I could think of stuff like that.