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wide out situation

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    Re: wide out situation

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    Ronk, not going to really argue what 40 times these guys put up at random times during their careers. You started the post. You are the one trying to defend it. You should put up links to where these times are posted. Don't come on the board here and throw random stats and numbers around and when someone questions it just argue back and forth. Find proof and post that. As for Patten, he is on the team if he can beat out Holt. Chances are Tate and Price make the team beacause of age and potential as future WRs and on STs. Aiken and Slater are both top notch cover guys on punts and KOs and can provide depth as 5th and 6th on depth chart. I'm not really sure why Holt is automatically named starter opposite Moss? He's 57 years old, lacks speed and has never played in the system. I realize he runs good routes and has soft hands, but so does Patten. To me, these two are battling each other in camp and no one else. Tough to say who has the advantage as Patten might have an edge in terminology and the system but has been out of football for a year.
    Posted by MaritimePatsFan

    Holt is younger than Moss by a couple of months, and entered the league a year later. I don't get where people get the idea that Holt is this ancient guy, he isn't Joey Galloway
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    Re: wide out situation

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    lets be clear on the Pats wide out situation as we read on the posts that the Pats are set at WR, they are stacked at WR, the TE's make them great and there is no more room on the roster, they need Branch, they don't need Branch, blah, blah, blah. Welker, Edelman and Holt all play similiar styles and cannot "stretch the field" making the safety respect the deep threat. This is the same type of player that Branch is, who at the moment cannot pass a physical, is on the books for big money, and will miss training time with his injury in a new system/new coach. Tate and Price imo will struggle to make the game day roster week in and week out unless they standout on special teams (maybe Tate) Aiken is not a wide out, unless it is an emergency. If it is an emergency, he also cannot stretch the field. Galloway was that type of player that could stretch the field and take a safety with him allowing Moss and Welker to operate under neath with out that safety help. Unfortunately, he could not get on the field in this system. That brings us to Patten. He is healthy now. He ran a 4.3 and change when he worked out for the Pats. He knows this system and knows Brady well. With 3 or 4 wide outs on the field, sending Patten deep will make take a safety with him. If he catches 20-30 balls (similiar to D Stallworth)he could take 5-6 of them to the end zone. But better yet, he will open things up for the other wide outs. Patten is also a de facto assistant coach on the field and in the locker room. To think Patten will automatically be cut is wrong. Of course it will have to be proven on the field, but give the guy a chance. Seems to me as the Pats #5, if he is the Patten of 2 and 3 years ago, he is an asset.
    Posted by ronk1

    I disagree.
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    Re: wide out situation

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    In Response to Re: wide out situation : When I commented on Holt being 57 years old, I do want to thank you for pointing out he is younger than Moss. What I was referring to, however, was his level of play. Moss may be older but his level of play has not dropped off as significantly as Holt's has in the past few years. They are both what 34 or so? Moss, on the field, looks 3 or 4 years younger than that. Holt, on the other hand looks 3 or 4 years older than 34. Age is just a number in real life and in the NFL. Some people age faster than others. All I was saying was Holt has aged 5 years in the past 2 it seems.
    Posted by MaritimePatsFan

    I get what you are saying. I feel that it should be pointed out that he has had average (Garrard) to below average (any Qb he had on the Rams) quarterbacking, which may make him look a little older than he actually is
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    Re: wide out situation

    aiken was great last year! 27th in yards per catch, and only played 14 games with 7 starts... he makes a run for 3rd or 4th reciever... patten, iseah both get cut
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    Re: wide out situation

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    aiken was great last year! 27th in yards per catch, and only played 14 games with 7 starts... he makes a run for 3rd or 4th reciever... patten, iseah both get cut
    Posted by TateGroup

    With all of 20 receptions. and if you take away his 81 yarder at Miami his Yards per catch drops by about 4 yards, where does that rank? He only has 47 career receptions, He is a special teams ace.
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    Re: wide out situation

    he could not get on the field in this system
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    Re: wide out situation

    Moss, Edelman, Tate, and Price are locks to make the 53 man team.  So, who makes it out of Holt, Patten and Aiken?  My money is on Holt.  The question is do we carry 6 WRs like we have been or just 5 like most teams.  I think 5 since we are likely to carry 5 RBs instead of the customary 4.  We also appear to be keeping 7 DLs instead of 6.  Brace could be in trouble.  Something has to give, somewhere.

    I can't see Aiken or Patten making the team this year unless someone gets hurt in training camp or pre-season.  I think Slater and Steinbeck are gone too.  Once Welker comes back (assuming he does this year), Holt would likely be released unless he's tearing it up or someone else ends up on the shelf.  It's a numbers game and I can't see BB parting ways with either 3rd round draft pick this soon in favor of a guy (Patten or Holt) on the back nine of their career.
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    Re: wide out situation

    Faucet as always makes good points. I for one would rather go with 4 RB's instead of 5, and add that extra body to the WR corps. I don't think we need 5 RB's and with Herby a potential H-back/TE hybrid, you could use him in both capacities. Line him up in the backfield to block/pass and possibly even run a bit via a shuttle pass or two. So, if we kept an additional WR, I would put my money on Holt vs. Patten.
    Tate is valuable as both a WR and KR/PR, bye Slater. And I think we might be able to squeeze some ST play out of some of new guys, bye Aiken. Neither provide enough value to keep as ST's only. 

    I can't see Brace being cut given his high draft pick and only 1 year in the system. Not unless the Pats made a huge mistake in assessing his talent. If he has something, which I think he does, BB will let it play out a bit more and develop him. Perhaps we could turn the guy into the next Cassel and trade him for a 2nd rounder. You got to think there are enough 3-4 teams that need an NT. Perhaps one of the newer acquisitions like Lewis,  GWarren or a from last year DRichard. 

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    Re: wide out situation

    IMO, they don't need Branch and Patten; just one of them.  More specifically, they needed to apply some depth at the position; add that additional WR who can be prodive on purpose (i.e. as they get it).  Patten fits the bill right now.  Hopefully, he'll work right in and give the opposition fits...having that other WR to worry about.
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    Re: wide out situation

    I'm pretty sure Holt will be used in a variety of ways but I like him most as an outside receiver. Moss can obviously still play flanker. Edelman has the versatility to be used as a slot receiver or an outside receiver. Aaron Hernandez can also play the slot very effectively from almost any set. Right there you have a nucleus of wide receivers with starting capabilities for 2010 on into 2011. David Patten, Brandon Tate, Taylor Price, they can all battle for playing time and I'm sure that's how things will work themselves out. Sam Aiken or Matt Slater being one of the final receivers to make it purely on special teams value. Alge Crumpler and Rob Gronkowski as big presences up the seam of the football field could turn the tight end position into an area of strength in the passing game.
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    Re: wide out situation

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    In Response to wide out situation : If Patten makes the 53, I'm going to be sad. It would signify that the younger players the Pats brought in have sucked, which would lend to the recently growing notion that the Pats are losing their touch of developing young players. Fortuanely, I don't see that happening. Patten is 36, you know. IMO, they brought him back as a veteran body for camp with the likelyhood of having him retire as a Patriot. Patten is Patriots HoF worthy.
    Posted by CubanPete

    Good for Patten. I'm glad he goes out a Patriot. He wore the uniform well.
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    Re: wide out situation

    Just plain amazing.

    I have to base my player reviews on how well they perform against existing players.  Starting on defense, Leigh Bodden is a known quantity.  He's a much better than average cornerback.  McCourty and Butler are both almost playing well enough to unseat him.  Almost.  Chung is catching up too.  The new linebackers are also competing well against known quantities.

    Moss goes out and he undresses every back the Patriots have.  He pulls in the long pass again and again. 

    Welker is expected on the field in September.  No more injury list.  At least in practice he's out there making cuts and getting the ball.

    Seemingly from the crypt, out comes a healthy Brandon Tate.  His feet are on fire, he knows his cuts now, he's pulling miracle passes in and dragging his toes in the endzone. Again and again and again I see his name in the practice reports.

    Actually, I see the words touchdown and Gronkowski even more than I see Tate's name written in these reports.  He and Hernandez are running a continuous samba line from the 20 yard line into and through the Patriots' endzone at camp.  The defense looks like they've never seen a pickup truck catch a football before.  They're tight ends but Hernandez at least can play slot H-back or even wideout.

    Taylor Price occasionally pulls one in but he's not as red hot, yet.  He's a rookie.  He's still loaded with all sorts of tools that others don't have:  some height, some muscle, some lateral acceleration for cuts and plenty of hotfoot.  He's okay already, but he'll bloom.

    I'll assume that Edelman got stronger and smarter over the offseason, and that no one can ever catch Edelman when he zigs or zags.  He's getting open in practice but so is everyone else.  Amazingly, Tate wants Edelman's starting job catching punts and running kickoffs back.

    Now, Torry Holt has disappeared.  My guess is that he can still play in the NFL, but he's looking at huge competition just to make this team.  Sam Aiken is also caught in the numbers game.  People are being tried out in Aiken's position on special teams, to see if Aiken is disposable.
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    Re: wide out situation

    We should be excited to have both Gronkowski and Hernandez!  They were both very impressive in yesterdays practices and have been in most of the others too.  They both have great hands.  I can see a lot of plays being run with Gronkowski on the line and Hernandez in the slot.  They are going to open up a lot more opportunities for Welker, Moss, and the RB out of the backfield.