Wilbur Nails It

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    Re: Wilbur Nails It

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    Obsess much troll?


    It is ridiculous. Why are we even discussing Wes Welker anymore. He plays for Denver.  He should have caught the ball and he didn't which probably explains why he isn't in NE anymore

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    Re: Wilbur Nails It

    Oh great, this discussion again!!


    The really funny thing about this on going discussion is neither side of the argument guarantees a Super Bowl win.  Had the pass not been dropped or had the pass been better and was caught it would not have been a touchdown.  What if on the very next play there was a fumble or an interception?  What if the Pats were held to a field goal attempt and it was blocked or wide left/right?  The argument is now beyond silly.



    "Being the best doesn't mean you always win. It just means you win more than anybody else."  Text received by Tom Brady from Kurt Warner after Ravens loss.

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    Re: Wilbur Nails It

    Wilbur and Rusty nail it.  As evident last night, Brady is washed up and Sucks. We'll be lucky to make the playoffs and if we do Brady will choke up another loss.