Wild Card Weekend Power Ratings

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    Wild Card Weekend Power Ratings

    This week’s power rating is rather strained.  I had to take the New England, Cincinnati, San Diego, Indianapolis, New Orleans and Arizona games off. 

    I wish I could take the NY Giants game off too, as the Giants seemed to have done absolute zero on the field for the last two games.  That’s how Minnesota jumped two whole games up the charts.  Maybe the Giants players knew the playoffs were gone, so they all went on strike against tough guy Coughlin.  Either that or the mob is stimulating the U.S. economy this week.  I’ll keep the suspect game on the spreadsheet, with an asterisk that Minnesota was a 10.3 victory team last week.

    1          ne            13.6            (last wk. 1)

    2          sd            12.7            (last wk. 2)

    3          gb            12.6            (last wk. 4)

    4          min            12.4*           (last wk. 11)

    5          ind            11.7            (last wk. 5)

    6          dal            11.6            (last wk. 9)

    7          bal            11.4            (last wk. 7)

    8          no            11.3            (last wk. 6)

    9          nyj            10.8            (last wk. 8)

    10        phi            10.5            (last wk. 3)

    11        car            10.5            (last wk. 10)

    12        cin            9.9            (last wk. 12)

    13        pit            9.2            (last wk. 16)

    14        hou            8.8            (last wk. 13)

    15        atl            8.7            (last wk. 14)

    16        az            8.7            (last wk. 15)

    17        sf            7.5            (last wk. 20)

    18        mia            7.3            (last wk. 18)

    19        ten            6.6            (last wk. 21)

    20        cle            6.5            (last wk. 25)

    21        buf            6.5            (last wk. 22)

    22        kc            6.4            (last wk. 26)

    23        nyg            6.1            (last wk. 17)

    24        den            6.0            (last wk. 19)

    25        chi            5.7            (last wk. 28)

    26        tb            5.5            (last wk. 23)

    27        was            5.5            (last wk. 24)

    28        jac            4.9            (last wk. 27)

    29        oak            3.4            (last wk. 29)

    30        sea            2.0            (last wk. 30)

    31        det            1.5            (last wk. 31)

    32        stl            0.2            (last wk. 32)

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    Re: Wild Card Weekend Power Ratings

    I'm still confused.  The Patriots just lost their 6th game.  WHO CARES IF IT WAS LOST IN THE 4TH QUARTER!!!!!!!!

    Your f*ck*ng "rankings" drive me f*ck*ng nuts!  Fix it to account for the 4th quarter.  Clutch, winning teams WIN THE QUARTER THAT COUNTS MOST.
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    Re: Wild Card Weekend Power Ratings

    Paul K.. I still can't fathom you having the Pats #1. They have yet to prove they are a #1 rated team.  They may be in your ranking scheme, but, unless they can prove time and time again that they can win on the road and defeat teams with better than just .500 records, the only way they will rise to the top is a win in the SB.  Your enthusiasm for the team is great and if that can make them #1, more power to ya!
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    Re: Wild Card Weekend Power Ratings

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    Re: Wild Card Weekend Power Ratings

    I'm honest with my numbers, and my enthusiasm doesn't make the Pats #1.  They have to do that themselves.
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    Re: Wild Card Weekend Power Ratings

    I switched my ratings about four weeks ago.  I now take the score into account as long as the game is in reach.  I'm counting most of the fourth quarter now (no matter how many times the trolls blithely say I don't count the fourth quarter). 

    I deliberately want to exclude tickytack points scored by backup QBs and by coaches with something meaningless to prove. 

    I also don't want to measure the effects of unsuccessful hail marys -- often interceptions and runbacks for touchdowns.  A wild gamble at the end of a game is not much of the measure of a team, whether the team lucks out or blows it.  There are too few successful hail mary plays in the NFL for accurately measuring one team's ability to execute that particular play.  Evidence extracted from the entire season-- a QB's known accuracy and range, a receiver's known ability to fight for the ball -- is more useful in predicting the incidence of future hail marys. 

    On rare occasions a hail mary and an onside kick succeeds.  If I want to toss the many tickytack points out of my stats, to be honest I have to toss the rare successful come-back-from-the-dead points too.   As a matter of honesty to the stats, once a team has pretty much won-lost, in my book the counting stops.

    Don't worry so much about the last scraps of points.  Jeff Sagarin at USA Today maintains his own full-game point differential statistics and the Patriots are #1 there too. 
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    Re: Wild Card Weekend Power Ratings

    Folks - be comforted, the Pats are the best 3 quarter team in the NFL. 

    AND - with nearly a full season behind us, in one game, ONE GAME, the Minnesota Vikings do so much against a team that laid down that they vaulted 7 spots to #4. 

    The collective limitations of the team over 15 weeks of play could not contain one game explosion against a team who had no desire to be on the field.