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         I must admit, the loss of Wes Welker has dampened my enthusiasm for the play-offs. Its' extremely frustrating to have injury issues in anny season...albeit two years in a row. But, throughout this decade, the Pats have been the most resilient team in the NFL. Maybe they'll find a way to surprise me again. 

         Here are my picks:

    1.) NY Jets (+3) @ Cincinnati Bengals: No domes here. This game will be played in cold, windy weather. Games played in these conditions normally favor the team with the better running game, and better defense. Though the Bengals aren't bad, the Jets are better in both these areas. To offset this edge, the Bengals must get top flight QB play from Carson Palmer. In addition, the Cincinnati  defense must force Jets rookie QB Mark Sanchez to beat them through the air. Though the Jets are hurting from losses to NT Kris Jenkins and Scat-back/KR Leon Washington, they have now played several games without these guys. For the Bengals, they had lost one of their starting DEs, and rookie LB Rey Maualuga for the season. WR Chad Ochocinco is expected to play, but is scheduled to undergo an MRI today, after twisting his knee during warm-ups yesterday. Turnovers, as usual, will be key:
    PICK: Jets;

    2.) Philadelphis Eagles (+4) @ Dallas Cowboys: Playing indoors helps Dallas. They have quicker RBs, and edge pass-rushers than does Philly. Though the Eagles have the most dangerous player in the game in Desean Jackson, they have little else. The problem Philly has is that they can't run the ball. RB Brian Westbrook looks done, as a series of concussions takes it toll even on the great ones. The loss of their starting center shouldn't be minimalized...as, usually, the center is the captain of the OL...calling the various assignments inside. Still, it seems hard to believe that the Cowboys can beat Philly three in a row. Despite their one dimensional offense, the Eagles are still formidable on the defensive side of the ball. But, the loss of DC Jim Johnson was a blow...as the ferocious, unpredictable, blitzing Eagles' defense isn't the mystery that it once was. But,  Dallas hasn't won a playoff game since 1996. Coach Wade Phillips' job is on the line in this one:   
    PICK: Cowboys;

    3.) Baltimore Ravens (+3.5) @ New England Patriots: The aging, overrated Ravens' defense hasn't been the same since DE Terrell Suggs, and FS Ed Reed went down with injuries. Reed should play this coming Sunday, but Suggs, their best pass rusher, likely will be absent. The Ravens got a huge break when Wes Welker went down. But, Tom Brady, BB, Randy Moss, and what will be a pumped up Patriots' defense should be enough to get the job done:
    PICK: Patriots;

    4.) Green Bay Packers (+2.5) @ Arizona Cardinals: How can a team that was just blown out on their home field against the same opponent, be favored? WR Anquan Bolden likely will be out. Meanwhile, the Packers are playing the best football of any team in the NFC. In their run to the play-offs, they dominated the Cowboys, and crushed the Cards last week. Now that their 3-4 defense has jelled, and Aaron Rodgers is being given time to throw, they are a very dangerous team:
    PICK: Packers.

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    Jets do what wins run and play good D.....JETS
    Cowboys are hot and Philly can't run.....BOYS
    Pats use Edleman and Run Run Run with LM, KF, SM and FT....PATS
    Cards are hurt Rogers throws 3 tds.....PACKERS
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    Pats-Jets(I had to gag as i typed that)- Cowboys-Packers
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    NY Jets (+3) @ Cincinnati Bengals: Don’t kid yourself, the Bengals did not play at all yesterday. Every route 85 ran was basic. Carson Palmer was 1 for 10 passing before the great JT O’Sullivan took over. Do you think he’ll get less than 10 completes in this game? I think injuries will cost the Bengals in a close game. I expect Sanchise to serve a couple up. Neither team will do anything after this game anyway. A couple of teams with 3rd place schedules that will amount to nothing IMO. PICK: Jets (barely);

    2.) Philadelphis Eagles (+4) @ Dallas Cowboys: Boyz did not see the A game from the Eagles with those lightnin’ fast crossing routes by Philly. Cowboys might get off the scnide in a close one then again might not. When I saw the Bolts play these two, The boyz played tough vs. the chargers & SD went up on Philly 28-9 as they were forced to play catch up. Apples to apples….. I think Dallas is the more solid club right now. Then again, if Tony Oh-No shows up? ......................................  PICK:  Cowboys;

    3.) Baltimore Ravens (+3.5) @ New England Patriots: I think the loss of Welker is huge, as the Ravens can now double Randy on every play. That and the DBs of the Patriots somewhat lack. Look for dumpoff/screen passes galour. Washington & Foxworth are OAK & DEN castaways and the weakness on the raven D. The best rushing team wins this one IMO. NOW is when we grade the past 2 Patriot draft classes PICK: Ravens;

    4.) Green Bay Packers (+2.5) @ Arizona Cardinals: I don’t like Rodgers at all, AZ had nothing to play for last week, Warner was on the bench. Rodgers 1st playoff game is a bust.    PICK: Cards.

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    Cincy, Pats, Philly and Green Bay winners.

    The Jets have forgotten what real competition is like... Philly will recall the Cowboys to their current history.  Pats and Packers will win because they're a little better.
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    Bengals/Jets -Cincy was embarrassed against the Jets who who are riding high on two "fake" wins (Indy and Cincy).  With a better D Jets squeak out a win.  Unfortunately Cincy hasn't looked good on Offense for several weeks.  Pick - can't believe it but Jets. 

    Pats/Ravens - it's a home a game - even without Welker Pats win with their best Defensive players back (VW & TW) other players step up on O - TE's become more of a factor. Pick-Pats.

    Philly/Dallas - I hate to go with Dallas because Romo is bound to revert to his old ways but they are playing inspired ball right now, especially on D.  Pick-Dallas.

    GB/AZ- Packers are also playing well right now but Az has too many weapons on Offense.  Home field advantage is the edge.  Pick- AZ.
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    Funny how your Jets post drew the ire of just about everyone, yet the majority pick the Jets here.  But...I digress...Like the Pats, Jets, Cowboys, and the Packers this week.  This looks to be about a good a slate of wildcard games across the board as I can recall, at least on paper anyway. 
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    I looked at the Baltimore injury list between December 21 and January 1 and went WOW!  Lardarius Webb, cornerback, played in every game this year, lots of tackles lately, is on IR.  K.J. Gerard, cornerback, is on IR too but he's a bit player.  Brandon McKinney on IR was also a bit player.  After that I count 11 questionable players in the last two weeks.  Valuable players on the questionable list were cornerback Cary Williams, knee, linebacker Ed Reed, groin (slow-healing), linebacker Terrell Suggs,  linebacker Tavares Gooden, and Derrick Mason.  Also 9 probables.  Maybe that's why they left the somewhat weak Oakland Raiders within one score all the way to the end of the game.  Fortunately for Baltimore, they faced Jamarcus Russel who couldn't throw.

    I used to rate Baltimore pretty highly for a 9-7 team.  The injuries kind of knock them down.  So does that Raiders game.  Numbers later, but the outcome is obvious now -- Pats versus the spread.
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    Pats, Jets, Eagles and  Cardinals are my winners this weekend. My pick for the superbowl is the Chargers VS Cardinals.
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    Headlines next Monday!

    BB and Pats shootdown Raven wings 31-14

    Packers lose Card game in AZ 27-24

    Cowboys eat Philly cheese steak 34-10

    Ryan cries again in Cin city 21-7
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    Pats over Ravens
    Packers over Cardinals
    Cowboys over Eagles
    Bengals over Jets
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    Keep Wilhite off the field and the Patroits win.
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    I am nervous about playing the Ravens. Playing them at home should help - but we have not fared well in rematches (if we won the first time around) - Giants in SB, Dolphins this year etc. 

    Hopefully, we will play the full 60 minutes..and Brady looks for the open receiver - instead of just Moss!
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    Week 4 Pats/Ravens 27-21: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXWB1n8Qhag
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    JBolt you have the same desease most 'expert' have. That is the dumb idea that the Pats can't throw the ball to anyone except Welker and Moss. Look for the Ravens to have their typical penalty loaded game as they try to cheap shot everybody then whine when they lose.
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    Im basing it more on the Patriot DBs than any other. If welker went down a couple weeks ago, i'd say Pats, but last week is not enough time to adjust for me. the raven DBs are suspect to be sure. And Brady can win any game. If the Ravens stop the TEs from getting 6 or more catches, thats crucial with WEs out. My basis is more on the young guys rather than the vets.   
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    Homer Pick Pats just cause we'll win
    Heart Pick Cincy wait till the Jests meet Cedrick Benson
    Smart Pick Eagles McNabb is great till the championship game
    Guess Pick GreenBay they may have hit stride at the right time, could cause damage.
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    I like Arizona and the Pats

    Visitor/home/my points/vegas/difference

    bal        ne            6.3            3.5            2.8

    New England suffered a big loss in a deep position, so it’s only a medium loss.  Edelman did in the Houston game what Welker did earlier in the season.  They both have incredible lateral acceleration.  Edelman has even more than Welker, going by their pro day workouts in college.  However, Welker had maybe 5 years experience and Edelman is a 17 game rookie.  That’s the dropoff.  The anti-dropoff for New England is that Fred Taylor is getting comfortable and Vince Wilfork and Ty Warren should be back.  Serious upgrades.

    Baltimore, on the other hand, looks like a pass defense hospital drama show.  They lost 2 cornerbacks to injured reserve 2 weeks ago and a third CB was questionable last week.  Also, three major linebackers were questionable in the last two weeks.  This cornerback-free pass defense would be survivable if Baltimore was playing Oakland’s Jamarcus Russell, but weakness into strength is not a good match at all.  So I have to give New England the nod to cover the points.

    gb        az            -2.9            1.5            -4.4  Yes, I took last week’s Arizona / Green Bay game off.  The numbers still favor GB.  Give GB one more point for being familiar with the stadium, having played there seven days earlier.  Take away that point for Arizona being more rested. 

    nyj        cin            1.7            3            -1.3  Meh.

    phi        dal            4.7            4            0.7  Double Meh.

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         So far, so good with my playoff predictions (for a change...LOL!!). GO PATRIOTS!!!
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         Ex-Pats' coach Raymond Berry picks the Ravens to win today by a TD: http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/ravens/bal-sp.berry10jan10,0,6280097.story  
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         According to one writer at the Baltimore Sun, these are the key match-ups in todays' game: http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/ravens/bal-sp.matchups10jan10,0,6181327.story.

         What a joke! If mediocre at best WRs Mark Clayton and Kelly Washington make plays today, the Pats deserve to lose. The keys to the game are these:

         1.) Can the Pats contain RB Ray Rice, who went off on them last time these teams met?

         2.) Can the Pats OL protect Tom Brady

         3.) Can The Patriots' front seven apply some pressure to Joe Flacco? 

          If these questions are answered in the affirmative, Pats win...no matter how much whining the Ravens do. 
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    I agree with all your picks. 

    Did anyone post up a SB prediction thread?

    I had NE vs MIN coming into the season, and that one looks like it is on life support. 

    I think a re-do would be something like DAL v SD or GB v SD or something like that. 
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    Tex: Good picks-you're half way there. GO PATS!
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    I was afraid the Jests were going to win. The Bungles really faded down the stretch, as usual. Palmer is off, I don't know why. I think their biggest mistake was letting TJ go. Revis shut down 85 (he shuts down everyone), they didn't have that "go to" guy for Carson. I figured the late game to be a rout...one way or the other. The 'Boys (much as I hate to say it) are the hottest team in the NFC. The D is maybe playing for Wade's job, and they like him. Best game next round will be in Minnesota. If NE wins today I think the Jests will  walk into Indy and take the Colts down. I'll be praying for some "Norv" intervention for the Chargers game, though. I think the Pack will handle Arizona today, too. Hopefully the AFC goes through the Razor, with the rookie being exposed by the master, BB. If not it will be SD, and I think they'd beat either the Jests or Colts (or Ravens, for that matter, but I don't want to go there). Ultimately I think Green Bay goes to either Dallas or Minnesota for the NFC. I would love to see the Pack beat the Vikings...on a late 4th quarter INT by Woodson! But if I had to bet I think I'd put my money on Dallas. Now that would s u c k if Irvin's SB picks (SD/Dallas) really came to pass! Let's hope it's a rematch from the 97 game! Brady's never lost a home playoff game, so that's a bit of a comfort. Hopefully Edelman and Faulk can take up the slack from losing Welker. Win it for Wes!!!
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    Berry coached like he was rooting for the other side; I'll take his negativity on the Patriots as an endorsement; probably mad at BB who treated local hero Flutie with class at the end, while Berry benched him for winning.