I saw Big Vince getting Rolled over and out of the way a few times and especially obvious on R.Rice's first TD. Is it not better to dive at the O-line feet and take 2 blockers out than stand up and get clovered? I really think that he can be effectively replaced. In the Colts game AFC Championship a few years back J. Addai ran right up through Wilforks spot.for the winning score.
 And D Captain, J. Mayo standing up in the endzone and moving backwards as the Ravens scored the second TD.
 The Baltimore D plan was all too obvious, Get to Tom.No matter what!
  So why continue to use a no back set when only 3 D linemen were enough to break down 5 blockers? A more conventional 2 back set would have a chance to give Tom time and some one to dump off passes to.
 And the Pats O C. must be in a coma for using Play action , Run Fake passes as the Ravens were not going to bite on the fake run and went directly and always at Tom.
 #31 Merriweather? was a whiff on several plays that could have been stopped  for no gain. Did Chung play? I stopped watching after the interception in the first quarter. It was awful!!
 I think D.Pees is gone and a new O.C is necessary.;You can not approach every game the same way, because of personnel matchups. But it seems that the Pats do that. BB should bring in some out side people and get this club straightened out. I'll be watching this spring as the Pats maneuver their way trading down to save the dollars and hope for the best. I think Bill has to bring someone in from the College ranks, the SEC IS ALWAYS GOOD, to take over scouting and the Draft player selection. People like J.Peppers or A. Thomas are not long range answers.
Remember how Red traded away Draft picks for aging vets year after year. Eventually it catches up to the team. Build from youth where ever possible. Get a couple of terror raising DE Pass Rushers in the draft

Go Pats