wilfork or brace who gives the pats the best option?

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    Re: wilfork or brace who gives the pats the best option?

    Wilfork is removed in most passing packages. That is actually the hole in his game. He doesn't penetrate or collapse the pocket as well as he could.

    The season Wilfork "arrived" was after the Pats had Ted Washington. The run defense was better by any metric available under Washington than it was under Wilfork in his rookie season. 

    Brace has yet to prove he is anything but a dominant college NT. But let's not overstate Wilfork here.

    Seymour is the best in the NFL at what he does. Wilfork is just great, but there are other NT's that are better in the NFL right now, and a couple prospects that have much, much higher ceilings in Raji and next season Terrence Cody who will flat out dominate like no NT since Ted Washington.

    The question is seperate though.

    The moral is, this isn't 1:1. Seymour is an exceptionally rare talent. It is like asking if Moss or Mankins is worth more. Sure it is harder to find a pro-bowl guard than a pro-bowl WR. But that puts them on equal footing, when it shouldn't. Randy Moss is a HOF talent. It is much harder to find a HOF WR than a pro-bowl guard.

    Wilfork flat out is not even close to being as dominating a force as Seymour. He can plant and anchor, but he can't split double teams to put prssure on the QB like Sey. So the mere fact that in generic circumstances it is harder to find a NT is obliterated by the fact finding one player as good as Seymour for the entire NFL takes decades.

    I can think of several NT's that are as good (some are better) than Wilfork. Haloti Ngata, Shaun Rogers, Jamal Williams, Kris Jenkins, or HOFer-to-be Casey Hampton. 

    Aaron Smith is the only every down  3-4 end that is even close to Seymour.

    It is just like Baseball. All-star catchers are harder to get than all-star corner infielders. But anyone with a brain would take Albert Pujols over any catcher playing baseball right now.

    Seymour is a HOF DE, so the bar is set much higher if you are aiming at replacing his presence equally. Simply put, there isn't another player in the NFL on his level at 3-4 end. But if we are talking about finding competent players only, it is harder to find a competent NT than END.
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    Re: wilfork or brace who gives the pats the best option?

    Better to lose Wilfork than Seymour.  I cannot think of 3-4 DE available to replace Seymour.  But if worse comes to worse you can just plug a big body in at NT

    Did anyone miss Seymour during the 2007 season?  I think he suited up for something like 4 or 5 games.  Jarvis Green stepped in and played very well in his absense.  Seymour missed the entire first half that season on PUP.  Did it make a huge difference in the grand scheme of things?  I say no it didn't.  Now...had it been Wilfork out that long instead of Seymour, the Pats' run Def gets shredded and their offense spends a lot more time on the sidelines. 

    To suggest that a 3-4 DE is harder to replace than a NT is just laughable, and only a baffoon would think so.  A 3-4 DE is basically just a college DT with a big frame but without the quickness to penetrate gaps in a 4-3 scheme, so he's suited more for a 3-4 defense where he can anchor against the run as a DE.  Ty Warren was exactly that type of player at Texas A&M.  That's not to diminish what Seymour and Warren mean to the Pats defense, because they're among the best in the league at what they're asked to do.  However, if it came down to a decision between keeping Wilfork or Seymour/Warren, no question the choice is Wilfork.

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    Re: wilfork or brace who gives the pats the best option?

    Wilfork is the best NT in the game (if not the best in your mind then no worse than in the top three) while Brace is an unproven rookie who benefitted from having a dominant player in Raji on the same line at BC.
    Maybe Brace pans out to being better than average someday but Wilfork is a beast and would be a huge subtraction if he can't be signed long term.

    Wilfork should be kept at all cost. Brace will be a nice back up but I don't think he's  Vince's replacement.