Wilfork to Tampa

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    Wilfork to Tampa

    would Tampa give up the # 3 pick in the draft to get Wilfork. if so the Pats could then grab Berry and then look at someone like MT Cody a little later
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    Re: Wilfork to Tampa

    not if there is not a fixed rookie salary in place.....don't count on it this year.
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    Re: Wilfork to Tampa

    It sounds ideal, but Tampa will not give up the 3rd pick in the draft for VW.  Even if they did  BB would probably trade it anyways.  If they dont want to pay Vince what makes you think they want to pay a #3.  Also, if that scenario did go down, I would not want Berry. 
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    Re: Wilfork to Tampa

    Nothing the Pats have done in the Kraft / Belichick era suggests that they want anything to do with the top of the draft.

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    Re: Wilfork to Tampa

    I would gladly take their 2nd and 3rd rounders for Wilfork, and do it asap.

    That high second is like a normal mid-20s pick, and that high 3rd is like a normal mid-second rounder.

    A first and a second for Wilfork? Yup.

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    Re: Wilfork to Tampa

    Don't think it would happen..plus, why would we want Berry?...We have 4 safteties on the roster as it is...If you have the #3 pick, depending on how things fall, you want either Suh or G. McCoy. 
    or if it did go down, you trade that pick out for something in the 10-15 range and pick yourself up another 2 or 3. In the 10-15 range, you target Rolando McClain. 

    Anyhow..don't think it will happen..Wilfork is tagged and he plays.
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    Re: Wilfork to Tampa

    We would be franchising Wilfork before we traded him. In order for the trade to go through, Wilfork would need to work out a long-term deal with the other team, and approve the trade beforehand.

    That is a lot of obstacles to overcome.

    Wilfork said he likes Florida, and since Miami is out of the question, Tampa Bay and the NFC is a great location to try to send him, especially since he might actually accept a trade, which he doesn't have to do. He could just say "fck the Patriots," never sign the franchise tag, and hold out.

    That's a mess I wouldn't want to deal with, and I wouldn't want him to get away for nothing either.

    If Tampa Bay had a mid-first rounder, I'd take it. But a top 2nd and 3rd rounder almost comes out to the same value.

    So we should take what we can get, just like we did with Matt Cassell.

    Chad Jackson was a bad pick, and Ron Brace was only drafted for negotiating leverage with Wilfork. He clearly wasn't the best player available at that spot, and the Pats knew it.

    We could also sign Wilfork to a huge long-term contract and act surprised when he gets hurt carrying all those pounds and is never the same player again. Big risk either way, but one risk is cheaper and frees up money for other top Free Agents.

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    Re: Wilfork to Tampa

    contact KC and offer Wilfork for pick #36 and #50. The Chiefs could pair Wilfork and Dorsey up front and we now have five second rounders to play with.

    contact Cleveland and offer Wilfork for #72 pick this year and a #1 next year.

    simple. lets get it done.
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    Re: Wilfork to Tampa

    target Marvin Austin DT from NC next year or Greg Romeus DE from Pitt with our first pick
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    Re: Wilfork to Tampa

    Interesting idea trading The Fork to Tampa for their 1 rst round pick but it would take more than that. If they would throw in Antonio Bryant and a 3 round pick to boot then maybe they have a deal... Then the Patriots might be able to either A) Draft the shutdown CB in this draft Joe Haden or grab Russell Okung,or B) trade down to the 10 hole and p/u a 2nd or 3rd round pick,allowing them to pick which ever player falls to that spot or select McClain or they could trade out again and turn this draft into theirs.
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    Re: Wilfork to Tampa

    If Wilfork goes it will be for 2011 picks. and that is it

    The Patriots are down with the rookie salary cap and they do not want to tie there money up in picks that will never see the field

    If the Patriots got a 2011 top 10 pick for Wilfork and a 2010 2nd round pick I would be satisfied.

    That would give use 4 reason to move up the board and get impact offensive talent.

    The DE is not as bad as everyone make it out to be... take a look at there ranking at the end of the year.


    The Patriots are Ranked in the top 5 in three major catagories and are amongst the top 10 in every other including the most important... POINTS ALLOWED

    So take the picks and build the O, let Light go and take picks for Mankins.

    If Mankins tender is picked up we would receive additional picks in the first and or second round this year as well.

    Collectively that gives us 6 or potentially 7 picks in the first two rounds

    GO with OT, RB, WR, TE

    Pick up free agents to patch up the defense with sound VETERANS

    Cut Springs and Thomas, let Burgess leave and look to make impact additions like Peppers, Elvis Dumervil, and a veteran cover corner.

    the strength of the team is the offense let the young guys play themselves into STUDS

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    Re: Wilfork to Tampa

    by the way the 2001 defense was built with solid veteran free agents

    Bryan Cox
    Mike Vrabel
    Anthony Pleasant

    Guys like Ted Washington, Willie Clay, Rodney Harrison, Tyrone Poole etc...

    These are all bargain veteran FAs not draftees

    The DE is young enough at every position except for LB

    Jason Taylor is not the answer he has been horrible for two years

    I see the patriots signing garbage every year like Fernando Bryant, Sean Springs for example.

    They need to up the anti in the FA market and increase there expectations with out committing to BUMS like Adalious Thomas

    We want cats like Leigh Bodden only we need three like him and this is a good year to get them... Middle of the road, grounded VET pick ups with some gas left in the tank

    NO more washed up, injury plagued veterans with promise like Tank Williams, secure investments with MENTAL faculties that exceed that of AD
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    Re: Wilfork to Tampa

    Why trade him at all?  The Pats have SO many holes right now that trading Wilfork would create another massive hole (literally).  We have plenty of draft picks already, we just need to finally use them and stop drafting down or out for lower/next year picks.  We haven't exactly had stellar picks of late as is.  Why gamble on draft picks when you have a proven thing?  Outside of Brady, Wilfork, Welker (healthy), and Gostkowski, every other position could possibly be addressed.
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    Re: Wilfork to Tampa

    DStroh1,Actually the NT is a position of strength even without the Fork. The Patriots have 3 other NT's: Wright,Pryor and Brace and they also have Adrian Grady on the PS,so they are blessed with more players than they need for that position. If some one wowed them with enough draft picks then it would be to their benefit to make the trade. Otherwise they can just Franchise him and move on to other business. I know for a fact after reading comments made by The Detroit Lions HC that he'ld love to find a DT, and in trading him to Detroit you really would'nt need a first in this years draft,so in theory you could take their 2nd rounder and third or 4th this year and acquire their first for next years draft,and that would be about the same as receiving 2 firsts for him.Also this is for andramebone: If The Fork refuses to sign the Franchise tag and decides to hold out he's the loser! As he doesn't get paid period until he signs and when he does cave in he only gets the prorated remainder of the contract,also should he sit out the whole year the Patriots just re-apply the tag again next year! Oh and here's the beauty of that, he still only gets the 7 million dollar contract,so I wouldn't bet on The Fork not signing the Franchise Tag contract and he ain't sitting out either......A man has to eat and in case noone has noticed,the Fork ain't missing no meals!

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    Re: Wilfork to Tampa

    VW doesn't match well to the type of D TB runs. 

    We need this guy, there's no option here without a true successor for him we can't afford to let him go or have him sit out half the season.  We have a very tough schedule he's needed. 

    With him in the mix the D and pieces around him that will be brought through FA and the draft will solidify this D.  Guy on offense off trade block is TB a guy on the D is VW I see them both a MUST have going into 2011. 

    Even if the Pats move to a 43 they do not have the people to do that.  You are also talking on another transition year for the players and coaching staff if they do that so we need a NT because this is a 34 D.
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    Re: Wilfork to Tampa

    I don't see signing Wilfork as a tough thing to get done... the question is do the Patriots have concerns over his health... you know they wouldn't be concerned about his play as long as he is healthy he is a high character guy.  BB values that almost over tallent. 
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    Re: Wilfork to Tampa

    then why is a deal not done?
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    Re: Wilfork to Tampa

    Pats Need Willfork They would be STUPID  to get rid of One of there BEST and He knows that He always gave 100% can't say that about most of the team
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    Re: Wilfork to Tampa

    Whoever brought up to sign and trade a la Matt Cassell has the right idea. There has to be a team that could use VW as a one-year rental that he wants to go to or else a team that's willing to trade a second rounder for him. At this point that's as good as it gets.

    Would Oakland like VW next to Seymour? Someone could anchor a good but not elite line that way.

    I bet BB goes out and gets a journeyman NT and tries to acquire another VW in the draft.

    The most important player in sports now besides the QB is the cover CB and if we had one of those Ron Brace might suddenly get good.