Wilhite MUST GO!!!!!

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    Re: Wilhite MUST GO!!!!!

    well said, this about sums it up and is a bit more rational than some of these other posts...

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    Wilhite can play, and I actually think he could develop into a solid nickel or slot corner.  That being said, he can't play the outside at all, he has terrible ball skills downfield.  I'd rather see Butler learn on the fly outside where he belongs, while Wilhite goes inside.
    Posted by andrewmcintosh

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    Re: Wilhite MUST GO!!!!!

    Wilhite must be benched.  Yeah hes a second year guy and he got flat out dominated last night but this is there weeks in a row now.  Reggie Wayne beat him for the game winner in Indy.. plus multiple other times and Dirty Sanchez and Cotchery beat him on a long TD as well.  I am sick of seeing Wilhite getting beat.  But Butler or Wheatley or someone else back there!
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    Re: Wilhite MUST GO!!!!!

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    This guy is a bust.. Please bench him and let Butler start..We looked terrible! We could have used Samuel! Defense got younger but we lost all the play makers!
    Posted by FLY2K

    So far from what I've read the whole defense needs to be benched except for Vince Wilfork.LOL  I think we'd all be amazed by how much this defense as a whole could be improved if we just added a player like Albert Haynesworth to stick beside Vince. I gree 100%, No pass rush and no paymakers.
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    Re: Wilhite MUST GO!!!!!

    I was ready to pack Wilhites bags myself, but in defense for this kid, his coverage on TD catches against Mechem(Saints) and Wayne (Colts) weren't that bad, he was stride for stride against great throws from  hall of fame QB and another possible hall off fame QB.. The Pat's dont play much man coverage anyway.... This kid is getting an education early, I fault the coaching, Why is he gaurding against Reggie Wayne anyway, exspecially in criticle situation. Last night he had tight coverage on Mechem on TD grab, on replay I seen him try and pull Mechen arm down as he caught pass, and he did same againts Wayne on early TD grab... I'll take those over him getting beat 10 yrds off the ball.... Not to say he is blameless, but think how much better he would be with a pass rush to aid him... What wonders it would probally do for his confidence... All in all he's not that bad...
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    Re: Wilhite MUST GO!!!!!

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    Wilhite = Ellis Hobbs 2k9
    Posted by BXBoston

    I saw Wilhite blitz from the outside a number of times.  He made ZERO impact and left the secondary exposed to the big play.  Never got near Brees.  I blame the coaching staff having Wilhite blitzing while dropping Merriweather and McGowan into deep coverage.  Butler, Springs or Wheatlely HAS to be a better choice.

    Bad coaching and poor execution and a lack of talent is beginning to show on the Patriots defense.
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    Re: Wilhite MUST GO!!!!!

    I'm not ready to dump Wilhite yet.  He stays right with his receiver (which is much better than most of the Pat's recent cornerbacks--especially guys like Ellis Hobbs who was never even close).  His problem seems to be making a play on the ball once the ball is thrown, though.  He's with his receiver, but he doesn't seem to be in position to break up the play--or maybe he's not reacting to the throw fast enough to get into good position. Part of the problem is that he's been playing single coverage against good receivers and good QBs who can place the ball right where the CB can't get at it (in single man-to-man coverage, the receiver will always be at least partially open to the side opposite the CB). But he also seems to be slow to react to the throw and make a break on the ball.  Maybe he'll get better with time.  Still, right now, he can't stop the great QBs when he's covering a good receiver man-to-man and that's been a big weakness for us against Manning and Brees. They've been keying on Wilhite when he's one-on-one with receiver.  
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    Re: Wilhite MUST GO!!!!!

    this is all because of no pass rush......CB's will react but you need to rush the throws....too much time to plant feet and make the nice throw.
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