lets face it, bill belichick won`t be able to coach the patirots forever, and only someone who is acceptable to belichick has a chance to follow him as the head coach of the new england patriots. i wouldn`t be surprised if in maybe another 5-10 years bill announces his retirement and then somehow bob craft, or his son hires josh macdaniels immediately as the new  NE head coach in foxboro. this sunday, the game should be welll played on both sides, with denver really strong in alot of areas of the game, but in the end i think that NE will prevail. they are a stronger football team as well as having a more balanced team overall also.  this is a game where i`m rooting for my team to win, but not for the other team to lose. it seems clear to me that josh macdaniles will always be a Patriot. he`s only doing what belichick did when he became head coach of the Cleveland Browns...the difference being that macdaniels has learned at the 'feet' of the greatest head coach in NFL history. NE: 28  Den:21